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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • Why is it hard to cure common cold?

  • Because common cold wears an invisibility cloak.

  • No.

  • Firstly, there are more than 200 viruses which cause common cold.

  • Now, developing 200 vaccines for 200 viruses is impractical.

  • Secondly, developing a single vaccine for all 200 viruses is proving to be.

  • Complex, time consuming and expensive as a lot of R&D is required.

  • Thirdly, we can't make antivirals to kill viruses.

  • Just like we make antibiotics to kill bacteria.

  • Why?

  • Because antibiotics attack the bacteria's protective cell walls.

  • But as viruses don't have any cell wall, antivirals will be useless.

  • However, there might be some good news.

  • Now, a virus survives in human body by hijacking a protein found in human cells.

  • Researchers have developed a compound which inhibits the virus from doing so.

  • But as the compound targets human cells, more research is needed to test its safety.

  • Why is it hard to cure cancer?

  • Cancer is not a single disease.

  • It is a name given to a collection of diseases that have some common characteristics.

  • Cancer usually begins when there is a sudden change.

  • Or mutation in the genes present in our cells.

  • This leads to uncontrolled cell division.

  • Now, it is hard to cure cancer because.

  • Every cancer is caused by a different set of genetic mutations.

  • In different types of cells.

  • Hence, it is a different disease each time due to which.

  • A treatment which works for an individual doesn't necessarily work for the other.

  • Now, cancer cells can be killed with treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

  • However, sometimes these treatments may not kill all the cancer cells.

  • Risking a cancer relapse.

  • Moreover, such treatments even harm healthy cells of our body.

  • Cancer cells can even metastasize i.e., they can spread to different body parts.

  • And start growing there, thus making it difficult to eradicate cancer completely.

  • In addition to this, many cancers are diagnosed at very late stages.

  • Which makes treatment less likely to succeed.

  • Thus reducing the chances of survival.

  • Why is it hard to cure Alzheimer's disease?

  • Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder.

  • It basically occurs when proteins in the brain malfunction.

  • And clump together forming plaques and tangles.

  • These plaques and tangles block communication in between brain cells.

  • And even cause cell death.

  • Thus leading to memory loss, mood changes, hallucinations, etc.

  • Now, it is hard to cure Alzheimer's because symptoms of the disease.

  • Begin to show when it has almost irreversibly damaged the brain.

  • Also, finding candidates for effective clinical trials is difficult.

  • Because there is no method to identify people with the disease at initial stages.

  • Thus, it is hard to test the medications and check whether they work or not.

  • In addition to this, Alzheimer's affects different people in different ways.

  • Hence, a drug which is somewhat effective on a patient suffering from Alzheimer's.

  • Might not work on another patient.

  • In short, due to a lack of fundamental understanding of the disease.

  • We are unable to cure Alzheimer's.

  • Why is it hard to cure HIV / AIDS?

  • HIV or human immunodeficiency virus infects the cells of immune system.

  • Causing them to produce more copies of the virus and then eventually die.

  • When too many immune cells of our body die.

  • And our immune system is unable to fight off diseases.

  • Then we are said to have AIDS or Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

  • Now, coming back to the question.

  • It is hard to cure HIV or AIDS.

  • Because HIV has the ability to mutate extremely quickly.

  • Hence, a drug which is somewhat effective on a patient suffering from HIV or AIDS.

  • Might not work on another patient because of the mutated HIV.

  • Now, there are certain antiretroviral drugs.

  • That prevent the cells from producing new copies of HIV.

  • Thus controlling the HIV levels in our body.

  • But, it is hard to completely eradicate HIV.

  • Because the virus integrates its DNA into our cell's DNA.

  • Hence, if we stop taking the drugs.

  • The DNA of the virus can again cause the cell to produce copies of the virus.

  • And thus, we are unable to control the level of HIV infected cells in our body.

It's AumSum Time.

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