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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 148. The verb phrase today is to ' cook up. " Okay.

  • Let's take a look at the note here. All right. Now remember when we normally

  • say cook that means that you have to apply heat to some food. If you don't

  • apply heat to some food ... like if you just make a sandwich that that's prepare.

  • That's not cook. Now cook up what's the difference between cook up and cook ? It is

  • usually cook up means you you're going to try to do it fast or or not take too

  • long. So let's take a look at the the note here. This is the first ... the

  • first meaning. If someone cooks up some food, he prepares it by cooking or you

  • know, by heating it especially something that may not take too long. Then we say

  • you got to cook something up. Number two. To fabricate or completely make

  • something up. So this is the definition students might be less

  • familiar with. This is usually used in a negative way. Yeah. Like you just made

  • something completely false up. All right. So let's look at the first example. This

  • is again the one that does has to do with food. If you give me a few minutes, I

  • could cook you up some noodles. Or I can cook up some noodles for you.

  • It basically means that you know, again it won't take that long. Just wait I can do

  • it very fast. Okay. Or number two here. Now the rest two , three, and four have to do

  • with making something up, Number two. They cooked up a completely false story

  • in order to frame him. Yeah. Maybe they made some fake evidence and they were

  • trying to you know, frame him to make him look guilty of something. So they cooked

  • it up. Okay. Let's look at number three here.

  • That suspect cooked up an alibi. Well an alibi it's kind of a story that you give

  • the police that can prove that you didn't do the crime , especially if you could

  • prove you were somewhere else when the crime happened. That would be a good

  • alibi So that suspect cooked up an alibi. So he

  • can pretend he was innocent. I don't know maybe had a friend or a

  • girlfriend and maybe he asked the girlfriend to vouch for him. To say you

  • know, he was with her at the time of the crime, so that he can have an alibi,

  • something like that. And number four here. What kind of excuse

  • are you planning on cooking up ? Yeah so I guess in this case the person knows that

  • they can't tell the truth. They might they have to come up with an excuse. So

  • they have to cook up an excuse. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was

  • clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 148. The verb phrase today is to ' cook up. " Okay.

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English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (148) Cook Up

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