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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 240. Today we are going to look at the

  • difference between arise and rise. Some students often ask me when should we use

  • rise and when should we use arise. All right. So let's, let's take a look at the

  • first definition. The first definition is with arise. We say this. If a situation

  • or difficulty arises, it starts to exist or one becomes aware of it. So it seems have

  • come out of nowhere. You know, just kind of suddenly. All right and let's look at

  • the, let's go right to the first example. A serious problem arose while you were

  • gone. So yeah it started to exist. It came into existence. You became aware of it. So

  • in this case, you should use arose or arise. Arose being the past tense. Not

  • rise. So you wouldn't say a serious problem rose while you were gone. You would say a

  • serious problem arose while you were gone. Okay. Let's look at the second one here. . An organization or system starts or begins to develop. Okay . Let's look at the second example. In recent years crypto

  • currencies seem to have arisen out of nowhere. All right. So it's more like a

  • system. Like crypto currencies where did they come from?

  • What is that ? So there's a lot of people that responded like that. It's it was a system

  • that seemed to just come out of nowhere. It just seemed to appear out of nowhere . So in

  • this case, again we should use arise not rise. Al right let's look at the next one.

  • Get out of bed. Yeah. Usually we say we arise with get out of bed. All right here we are going to have two

  • examples for this one. When the prince kissed Sleeping Beauty she arose from

  • her deep sleep. All right. Yeah So basically like getting out of bed or

  • waking up, getting up, then we say that. So we say arise not just rose. Okay. the next one.

  • we say oh no wait. We have one more arose too. She

  • arose at 6 a.m. to feed the chickens. So she arose . So she got out of bed at 6

  • o'clock to feed the chickens. We wouldn't say she rose at 6 a.m. to feed the

  • chickens. She arose. She got out of bed. She got awake got out. Okay the next one.

  • Stand up. All right. Let's look at Grandpa arose from his rocking chair. Yes Grandpa

  • he was probably sitting down. He arose he stood up to get out of the rocking chair. We

  • wouldn't say grandpa rose from his rocking chair. That sounds a little weird.

  • it sounds a little confusing too. Did he levitate ?

  • Did something pick him up in the air ? Yeah. We probably say arose like

  • standing up. In this case. So all right. Let's look at the next one. Now we are looking at the

  • definition rise. All right. Move upward. This is a very very common one . To

  • be honest, we probably hear rise a little bit more than arise. For two

  • of the meanings. This one move awkward, and also increase in size or amount.

  • This is in everyday use. So let's go to the next example here. When that child

  • let go of his balloon, it rose in the air. So it just moved upward. It went higher. So

  • it rose here, not arose. But we should be using rose. The next one. Voice. Voice is

  • definitely always rise not arose. So let's look at this example. She is able

  • to make her voice rise to reach the high notes. Okay, very good. Let's continue. Again this one like I said is

  • probably the most common one. To increase in size or amount. So we usually say something

  • rises some level or some number goes up. We probably will use rise not arise. So here

  • we say the price of gasoline is starting to rise again. Yeah. So out of all of

  • these uses, this is probably the most common one . Prices or numbers are always

  • going up Use rise with that. Okay, and the last

  • one here. Rise in power or success. So let's look at the last example. He

  • rose to the position of vice-president in just five years. So he moved upward in

  • success or he might have moved upward in power. And this is probably at a company. And

  • some companies have more than one vice president too. Okay anyway. I hope it's

  • clear. I hope it was very informative, and I hope you can see a big difference

  • between rise and arise. Thank you very much. Bye-. bye

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 240. Today we are going to look at the

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Tutor Nick P Lesson (240) What IS the Difference Between Arise amd Rise

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