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  • hi Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's question

  • is what is the difference between TR in tree and Trust and the th R in three or

  • thrust this is kind of a difficult um task today but I know we can get through it

  • so what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna have you rely on visuals and looking at

  • me first and listening then I'm going to show you the words so for the TR

  • combination I'm going to touch the tip of my tongue to the back of my top front

  • teeth for the T sound and then quickly move to the R sound people do one of two

  • things they either roll the tip of their tongue

  • back for the R or point the tip of their tongue down to the bottom of their mouth

  • and pull the back of their tongue up for the R doesn't matter which one you do

  • just make sure you move quickly from the T behind your teeth tree or tree

  • whichever one you do your tongue stays in your mouth now we're going to look at

  • the th R in three so to do this it's that dreaded th sound stick your tongue

  • out of your mouth yes out of your mouth do not touch your teeth with your tongue

  • keep it out there and then blow out and let that air keep moving out of your

  • mouth th th three you're going to have to then go from all the way out of your mouth

  • and pull your tongue back in again either then point it down for the R or

  • roll it back whichever one that you do so for tree going to keep your tongue in

  • your mouth and the air is just going to puff out for the T and for the th r

  • your tongue is going to come out of your mouth and that air is going to keep

  • moving so let's look at the difference tree tree Tree three

  • three three here are the words tree three trust Trust trust thrust thrust

  • thrust if this is difficult for you and you don't want to say the word free

  • which is f ree instead of three the number try adding a short uh sound in

  • there and then make that sound smaller and smaller until it goes away so it

  • sounds something like this three three three so I added a very

  • short little uh sound right between the th and the R it's really helpful for some

  • people especially people on the phone when people might get confused if you're

  • saying free instead of three so one more time before we go tree three trust

  • thrust give it a try I know people are going to notice a difference please give

  • us a like and share if you found this helpful don't forget to subscribe if you

  • have questions visit us at Tarle Speech or leave them in the comment section

  • below best of luck and I hope to see you again

  • next week

hi Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's question

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