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Hi welcome to ForB's English lesson video.
My name's Kevin and today we are going to look at how to pronounce run and ran.
So first, run.
When you say run, your tongue is just kind of in the middle not touching anything.
Just hanging there and it's kind of a "ru" "un" sound.
So I'll demonstrate.
run, run, run.
Now you try.
run, run, run.
Now for the next one, ran.
So we have kind of a "ra" "un" sound.
And when we make that "a" sound in the middle
you have to have your mouth kind of wide with your mouth wider.
And again, your tongue is just hanging there in the middle not touching anything.
So watch me as I do it, so.. ran, ran, ran.
Now you try.
ran, ran, ran.
Now we're going to do a little quiz. we have two quizzes.
So for quiz number one,
I'm going to say run which is number one
and ran which is number two.
And you have to decide which I'm saying.
So here we go.
Here's the first one.
Ran. Is that number one or number two?
Well, it's number two.
So, if you got that, you are correct.
Next one.
Is that number one or number two?
I'm trying to trick you.
It's number two.
I did it twice. ha, ha, ha.
So, the last one, run.
Was that number one or number two?
If you said number one, you are correct.
Now, for you quiz number two.
I'm going to say a sentence.
Actually, I'm going to say two sentences.
And the first sentence, number one, is "I run from the police."
and for number two, "I ran from the police."
Now here comes the quiz.
So you've got to choose number one or number two.
The first one.
"I run from the police."
Was that number one or number two?
If you answered number one, you are correct.
Here's the next one.
"I ran from the police."
Was that number one or number two?
Well, it was number two.
So if you got that, you're correct.
Last one, "I run from the police."
Number one or number two?
That was number one.
So I hope you can hear the difference.
After that, I think it should have helped you.
And if it did, please click subscribe.
And please watch our channel where we have many, many English videos for learning English.
Thank you very much.
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How to Pronounce RUN vs. RAN [ ForB English Lesson ]

96 Folder Collection
Caurora published on August 3, 2019
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