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>> Crazy Nate: Greetings my fellow Gents and Gentlets.
Today we are gathered here to meet your demands.
I read your request, so let's solve the case of the hidden Easter eggs in Zootopia.
Also keep your eyes open for these hidden Easter eggs and use #Mystery for your chance
to win.
Today I'm going to be making you an honorary junior detective.
[intro music plays]
Since Moana is so popular right now, we'll let her go first.
>> Moana: Thank You?
>> Maui: Your welcome.
>> Crazy Nate: Also on this shady van, there's a reference to Moana with Maui's hook.
Also there's another picture of Maui's hook.
Baymax was in Moana.
They also hide Baymax in Zootopia as well.
That antenna topper on the creeper mobile is Baymax's head.
But, that's not the only reference to Big Hero 6 we see though.
Look at the calendar on the wall of chief Bogo's office.
Does that little city look familiar?
Well it should.
It's the same exact city that Baymax was flying around in.
Since this is a Disney movie, you all know we are going to find some hidden Mickeys.
Look right there and you'll see a hidden mickey mouse in the stroller.
>> Mickey Mouse: Hot dog.
>> Crazy Nate: Here we can spot another Mickey on our cutest little cat cop.
>> Officer Hops: Oh, uh you probably didn't know, but a bunny can call another bunny cute,
but when other animals do it, it's a little...
>> Chief Bogo: I don't care!
>> Crazy Nate: Here's another not so obvious Mickey, but still it's a Mickey.
There's a Mickey Mouse pen.
A Mickey Mouse water tank.
He's eating Mickey!
More Mickeys, and look, another Mickey!
>> Nerdy Nate: Crazy Nate, I knew you had problems seeing Mickey Mouses everywhere,
but apparently this is more serious than I thought it was.
Tell me what do you see here?
>> Crazy Nate: Uh, that looks like a mouse.
>> Nerdy Nate: and this?
>> Crazy Nate: Uh, that looks like a mouse too.
>> Nerdy Nate: And this?
>> Crazy Nate: A mouse.
It's a mouse, it's a mouse, it's a mouse mouse mouse!
It's a mouse, it's a mouse, it's a mouse mouse mouse!
It's a mouse, it's a mouse, it's a mouse mouse mouse!
Mouse mouse mouse!
>> Nerdy Nate: Um…
You're a little bit more crazy than I thought you were.
>> Crazy Nate: Wow, apparently Nerdy Nate's a little wound up today.
You need to learn to relax just a little bit and look at the bear necessities of life.
Do you remember the Mystic Spring Oasis?
Where everyone is down to their bear necessities.
Naturally that's a perfect opportunity for a reference to the historical Jungle Book.
Look at that bear Look at that bear scratching his back.
>>Baloo: Oh, a little bit.
>> Crazy Nate: Of course we see Shercon as one of the savage animals.
But did he go savage?
I thought he was always savage.
[dog barks]
If you watched Bambi you can't possibly forget our beloved Thumper.
>> Thumper: I'm thumping, that's why they call me Thumper.
>> Crazy Nate: we can see Officer Hops has some similar resemblance.
>> Nick: I make $200 a day fluf, 365 days a year since I was 12, and time is money.
Hope along.
>> Crazy Nate: According to Carrots, Nick made $1,460,000 in his life.
So, and He started hustling since the age of 12, and Nick claims he made $200 a day,
365 days a year.
Then approximately how old does Officer Hops think Nick is?
Vote now.
If you hate math, the video might of just gotten a little cold for you, so let's talk
In the ice cream shop we see on the plates, the same design from Anna's bedroom in Frozen.
When Judy first arrived in Zootopia and she is going through Tundra town if you look at
those cute little elephants, you will see that they are animal versions of Elsa and
Also when Judy makes it to the downtown district Anna and Elsa magically are already there.
Some of you aren't going to believe me that those are references to Elsa and Anna.
All's I have to say to the doubters is…
Let it Go.
>> Chief Bogo: Life isn't some sort of cartoon musical where you sing a little song and your
incepit dreams magically come true.
So let it go.
>> Elsa: Let it go!
Let it go, can't hold it back anymore.
>> Chief Bogo: So let it go.
>> Crazy Nate: Wesselton is also voiced by Alan Tudyk.
Ironically Alan also voiced DUKE Wesselton from Frozen.
And when Wesselton is trying to escape by train, we will see him squeeze through a series
of pipes, just like a Japanese game show called hole in the wall that's gone world wide.
Speaking of the villains in Frozen.
Here we can see Hanns, the rat is in rat town.
>> Nick: What do you call a three humped camel?
>> Flash: I don't know, what do you call
>> Officer Hopps: A three humped camel.
>> Flash: a three humped camel.
>> Nick: pregnant!
Zootopia seems like a parallel universe to our own universe, because virtually every
store you see is a reference to a real life store in our world.
All the way down to the products, and even the music they are listening to is all a parody
to our music.
Here are just a few of the more obvious ones.
Virtually every single store you see is a parody to a real life store in our world.
Instead of an apple phone, it's a carrot phone.
And the phone carrier is peanut butter and jelly.
I recognize this Easter egg from the band room in high school.
That Catsio is like Casio's electric keyboard.
We all know Pascal from Tangled is pretty good at playing hide and seek.
>> Rapunzel: HA!
>> Crazy Nate: But if you look on Chief BOGO's wall, you will see Pascal is hiding on his
>> Rapunzel: Gotcha!
>> Crazy Nate: When Judy is getting help from Bellweather.
If you look on her desk you will see a clue that she was the baaaad guy the entire time.
You can see she has Doug's phone number on a sticky note.
>> Doug: You got Doug here.
>> Crazy Nate: Also did you happen to catch the name of Doug's two sidekicks?
>> Doug: Alright, Walter and Jesse are leaving now, out.
>> Crazy Nate: That's right Walter and Jesse, just like in Breaking Bad.
I wouldn't be surprised if they had a baaag of Funyuns up in there.
>> Walter: Three entire bags of Funyuns?
>> Jesse: What?
Funyuns are awesome!
>> Crazy Nate: Also on the outside of that train we see a super old famous rabbit from
way before my time and probably most of yours, there is Oswald the rabbit.
This Easter egg I would of never known about it if I didn't get the DVD.
If you still need a copy you can get Zootopia in the link in the description.
If you followed me around long enough, then you know my childhood favorites are a tie
between Peter Pan and Robin Hood.
In Robin Hood, King Lion heart is a lion and the king.
In modern day society the Mayer is kind of like the King.
So clearly Mayer Lion Heart is a reference to Robin Hoods King Lion heart.
Since we learned that some wolves can't be trusted we see the police now do undercover.
>> Chief Bogo: Undercover!
>> Crazy Nate: With a wolf in sheep's clothing.
This is probably a shout out to our good old friend Willie coyote.
This old cartoon got the idea from Mathew 7:15.
Because that was the original.
Obviously this news station is an animal version off CNN, and even though I don't usually
watch the news because it's too negative, it's funny that out of all the animals they
could of chose.
They just happen to choose a pig.
Seems fitting.
>> Stu:You catch any of that Bonnie?
>> Bonnie: Not one bit.
>> Gideon Grey: Well that makes me feel a little bit better.
I thought she was speaking in tongues or something.
>> Crazy Nate: You have to grow up Pentecostal to get that joke.
This could be a reference to Star Wars, or Star Trek.
Just depends on if you see your glass half full or half empty.
Also The directors of Zootopia Byron Howard, and Rich Moore are also known for a few other
famous movies.
>> Wesselton: Step right up, anything you need I got it.
>> Crazy Nate: We can see a few of those movies here on the table.
Also another shout out to Moana.
And what is that?
Frozen 2?
>> Wesselton:15% off, 20!
Make me an offer.
Come on!
>> Crazy Nate: By the way in case you missed it.
This weasel is selling counterfeit movies.
If you are ever unsure if you are buying a stolen or fake movie, just check and see if
it has Disney Movie Rewards on it.
Also if you haven't been registering your Disney movie rewards you should.
They have awesome prizes, and contest all the time.
Including free flights to Hawaii was one of their recent ones.
We learn a powerful message in Zootopia to stand up against your bullies, and if the
day ever does comes that the bully feels bad for what they did to you and ask your forgiveness,
be the better person and Forgive your enemies. and when you can honestly tell yourself you
have forgiven them.
YOU will feel a lot better inside.
>> LAX Productions: Hi guys, LAX Productions here, and you guys have been watching Crazy
Remember share a smile, they are contagious.
>> Ending Song: Can you imagine a day without smiling, that would be outrageous.
Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with Crazy Nate, make sure to leave a thumbs up
if he left you feeling great.
Have fun, and we'll see you next time, and don't forget to subscribe.
>> Flash: HA....
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ZOOTOPIA, Everything You Missed

237 Folder Collection
henytg published on August 3, 2019
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