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When I was about in the fifth grade, I started getting acne.
Like just one day out of nowhere, I just got really terrible acne all over my forehead.
It wasn't red or anything like that it was just like bumps, and people would just look at
me and stare at my acne and would laugh sometimes, and I felt really uncomfortable.
I just wanted to hide, I didn't want anyone to see my acne.
I thought that I would get colored contacts so they wouldn't look at my acne, they would
look at my eyes.
So I got colored contacts and different eyes were different.
They would look at my eyes and they'd be like, “Woah one's different than the other,”
and crazy stuff like that.
Then, one of my contacts broke so I couldn't use them anymore and so it was just right back to acne.
I then discovered makeup, I started wearing it every day, but what I didn't
know about makeup, was that it made it worse.. way worse.
I prayed all the time that it would go away, and it never really did.
I then found out that you could wash your face.
So I started washing my face and as soon as you know it was almost gone.
It went from around a hundred acne spots to around 15.
Just know that it will eventually fade.
Just know that beauty goes deeper than the surface.
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I Woke Up With Acne!

436 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on August 2, 2019
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