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  • It's AumSum Time

  • What if you fell into a black hole?

  • I'll color it with my color pencils.

  • No.

  • Boundary of the black hole is called event horizon.

  • Small black holes have stronger gravitational forces than large ones.

  • If you fell towards a small black hole.

  • The strong gravitational forces would stretch you.

  • Until you are torn apart, even before you cross the event horizon.

  • In case of a large black hole.

  • You would be able to enter it, unharmed.

  • Falling freely until you reach its center or point of singularity.

  • Here, you would get squashed and merge into it.

  • But your friend observing this from outside never actually sees you enter the black hole.

  • He just sees you fall in slow motion, freeze and then go dimmer.

  • Why?

  • Because our current laws of physics don't apply beyond the event horizon.

  • Making it impossible for us to see beyond.

  • Which is the best sleeping position?

  • Mine.

  • Alright.

  • Let's see.

  • Sleeping on our back allows our spine to rest in a neutral position.

  • Preventing neck and back pain.

  • Also, as the face is not pressed against the pillow.

  • It avoids over wrinkling.

  • However, this position is prone to more snoring.

  • Sleeping on our stomach prevents snoring but makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position.

  • It puts pressure on our joints and muscles, leading to numbness, neck and back pain, etc.

  • Sleeping on our side keeps the spine elongated and prevents neck and back pain.

  • Sleeping especially on the left side decreases acid reflux, improves blood circulation, digestion, etc.

  • However, side sleeping presses our face against the pillow and increases the chances of wrinkling.

  • Some people even curl up tightly while sleeping on one side.

  • This restricts breathing.

  • Now, since all positions have advantages and disadvantages, there is no best position.

  • But if sleeping in a specific position is causing problems.

  • You can switch to other positions for better results.

  • Are wisdom teeth still useful?

  • Obviously, Because wisdom teeth make us intelligent.

  • No.

  • There are 32 permanent teeth.

  • Out of which four wisdom teeth begin to grow a little late.

  • Now, when our ancient ancestors used to eat plant material and raw meat.

  • They required big strong jaws and wisdom teeth to chew their food.

  • As they learned to cook food, they no longer required those big jaws.

  • Hence, through evolution, the jaws started to get smaller and smaller.

  • But the wisdom teeth did not disappear through evolution.

  • They still exist.

  • But since they appear a little late

  • The remaining teeth usually take up the available space in the small jaw.

  • Leaving no room for the wisdom teeth.

  • Hence, they begin to grow at odd angles.

  • And push other teeth causing pain, swelling, tooth decay and even infection.

  • Hence, in such cases, wisdom teeth can prove to be harmful and not useful.

  • Is sleeping in contact lenses bad?

  • Not at all.

  • They help us see our dreams more clearly.

  • Oh.

  • Stop bluffing.

  • Contact lenses act like a sponge and absorb the moisture present in our eyes.

  • They even trap bacteria.

  • So, wearing them for too long.

  • Failing to clean them periodically and sleeping in them can cause excessive dryness.

  • And even eye infection.

  • In addition to this, unlike other parts of our body.

  • The cornea of our eye receives oxygen from the surrounding air and not from blood vessels.

  • Now, when we wear contact lenses during the day, it reduces the oxygen supply to the cornea.

  • But when we wear them while sleeping also, it further reduces the oxygen supply to the cornea.

  • Hence, to satisfy the oxygen need, tiny blood vessels grow in the cornea.

  • Thus causing blurred vision.

It's AumSum Time

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