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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • What If Dinosaurs never went Extinct?

  • I would have new buddies.

  • Haha.

  • Dinosaurs would be much smaller today, do you know why?

  • Because during that time.

  • Angiosperms were beginning to take over from gymnosperms.

  • Now, as compared to gymnosperms.

  • Angiosperms are easier to digest and require a much smaller gut size.

  • Thus, size of herbivorous dinosaurs would have reduced.

  • And that would have gradually led to reduction in size of carnivorous dinosaurs as well.

  • Scientists also think that dinosaurs might have become more intelligent.

  • Because dinosaurs like Troodon.

  • Who were considered smart.

  • And had a large brain compared to their body size were beginning to evolve.

  • But, what about us, that is, humans?

  • Humans were able to evolve.

  • Because the impact of the asteroid killed the dinosaurs.

  • Triggered drastic changes in climatic conditions.

  • Which led to mammalian evolution and eventually human evolution.

  • Thus, had the asteroid never crashed, we probably wouldn't have existed.

  • What If a Massive Solar Flare hits earth?

  • I will use my AumSum shield and protect the Earth.

  • Oh AumSum.

  • Solar flares are sudden and massive eruptions of electromagnetic radiations.

  • From the sun's surface.

  • A massive solar flare which occurred in 1859 had minimal impact.

  • But it would have massive disruptions today.

  • Mainly because of our over reliance on technology.

  • The earth's surface would be safe but our atmosphere.

  • Would bear the entire brunt of radiation.

  • That is, radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, etc.

  • Firstly, there would be a major disruption of power grids.

  • Possible leaving cities or even countries without any electricity.

  • Secondly, our good old radio communication would be down and out.

  • Thirdly and most importantly, GPS & Satellite Communications would be hit.

  • This would cause major problems for transportation and communication.

  • Lastly, because of massive Auroras our atmosphere would look like a magnificent painting.

  • What if all the Bees die?

  • No ways.

  • I will sell all my burgers and create a safe house for them.

  • That's so cute Aumsum.

  • There are more than 16,000 species of bees.

  • Bees generally collect pollen and nectar from flowers for their survival.

  • In this process they help pollinate majority of the fruits.

  • And vegetable crops which are consumed in the world today.

  • Some studies reveal that more than 90% production of cherries, blueberries.

  • And almonds is a direct result of the pollination efforts of bees.

  • Also, certain bees have evolved as per the size and structure of specific flowers.

  • Hence if there are no bees, these plants would definitely go extinct.

  • This will also have a catastrophic effect on the food chain.

  • As the animals eating those plants will slowly but surely perish.

  • Finally, because of the absence of natural sweetener like honey.

  • Many people may switch over to an unhealthy artificial sweetener like sugar.

  • What if the earth was Cube-Shaped?

  • Holy Moly.

  • Will my cute chubby round face also turn into a cube?

  • Oh AumSum.

  • Earth is spherical in shape because of Gravity.

  • Earth's gravity pulls everything equally towards its center.

  • And thus gives it a spherical shape.

  • Now, if the earth was Cube-shaped.

  • Firstly, it would look weird, right.

  • Secondly, just like gravity.

  • Our weight would be different at different places on earth.

  • This is because the 8 corners of the cube.

  • Would be much further away from the cube's center.

  • As compared to the rest of the cube.

  • But this would be good news for people who are over-weight and lazy.

  • Now they can just go to the corners and voilaaa, their weight gets reduced.

  • Thirdly, due to low gravitational force.

  • The cube corners would have very less atmospheric cover & almost no water.

  • Thus rendering them inhospitable.

It's AumSum Time.

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What if Dinosaurs Never went Extinct? | #aumsum

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