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  • Welcome to BBC Learning English.

  • I'm Sam and today we're going to look at

  • adverbs of frequency.

  • You know these!

  • Always, sometimes, never.

  • But where do they go in a sentence?

  • Look at 'always' in this sentence.

  • Does it come before or after the verb?

  • Helen always starts work at seven.

  • The verb is 'starts' and 'always' comes before

  • rule number one.

  • Next sentence:

  • Helen isn't always happy about this.

  • The verb is 'is' and 'always' was after

  • rule number two

  • Last sentence:

  • Helen has always hated early starts.

  • Trick question!

  • There was an auxiliary verb 'has' and a main verb 'hated'

  • and 'always' went after the auxiliary verb

  • rule number three

Welcome to BBC Learning English.

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Adverbs of frequency: How to use them and where they go in a sentence - English In A Minute

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    Sophie posted on 2019/08/01
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