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He was a tattoo artist, and he liked us, and he was a little bit older.
He said, "Hey, listen, I will tattoo you guys for free."
"You supply the drugs."
"I'll supply the ink, and let's just do this."
So we started going in.
The first night after I got it, I was like, "What have I done?"
I definitely freaked out about it, and looked up ways to get it removed.
And, then, I was like...
But it was just a momentary thing.
You can't help but think about, "Did I do the right thing?
"Am I gonna be okay with this?"
You never know if you're gonna like it.
But, f**k it.
There's been times where I'm like, "Yeah, I'm gonna cover that up."
But I didn't have the money at the time to do it.
There's a GoFundMe at the bottom, if you, actually, no, I'm just joking.
So out of all my tattoos, the only one that I've ever had any doubts with was right after I got it.
And that was the knee tattoo.
And that's because that was my first tattoo.
And I'd like to think that that's normal.
No, from the beginning, yeah.
I'm just like, "I like them, and I never questioned it."
There's moments where the handwriting looks like if, instead of it.
But it's fine.
It's my friends handwriting.
So I'm like, "It's just who she is."
That's how she does a T, so.
It's my ex girlfriend's handwriting.
It, definitely, scares me from other tattoos.
It's` my only one.
I haven't gotten one since.
Because I don't want to regret another one.
So me and all my friends, we were...
So we knew this guy.
Long story short.
He was about to go to jail for a long time.
He said, "Hey, listen, I will tattoo you guys for free."
"You supply the drugs."
"I'll supply the ink, and let's just do this."
So I was like, "Hey, can you do a totem pole?
"You know, like totem pole, like Hawaii, like the things?"
And he's like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you."
This guy was a biker guy.
He had all these skull tattoos.
And I told him, specifically, I said, "Hey, bro, no skulls."
You know?
And he was like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, no skulls," whatever.
So I laid down.
And it's right down my spine.
So he's going in, and I remember walking to the bathroom, looking in the mirror, turning around and looking back and seeing it.
And my first thought was "That's not a totem pole."
No, I didn't regret it.
I looked back, and I laughed cause I was young and immature.
But at the same time, I'm, like, "I am a different person, now."
Yeah, I wouldn't do some of the tattoos that I have on my arm.
I would keep my brothers.
I'd keep the rose.
And I'd keep my wife.
But some of the other ones, I'm just like, "What?"
You did that out of an impulse.
You did that to...
I remember this one artist.
He was like, "Oh, this is good, but do you want to take some time?"
And I was like, "No, no, no."
"This is what I really, really want."
And I've learned, over time, that to just take a step back.
But you have to go through that.
Because it makes you, it makes me who I am, today.
I, definitely, think in the future of me being a grandma one day, and just having these tattoos, and what that would look like.
But, also, they're a part of me.
They're who I am.
I love them.
And it just shows that I'm willing to just share my thoughts on my skin, I guess.
I think regret is wasted energy.
Because regret is continuing to go back in time which we cannot change.
You wouldn't be where you are, today, in so many senses if the decision hadn't been made.
You can't be mad at yourself 10 years down the line if you've evolved into this other person.
Because that tattoo, that experience, those decisions helped you get to where you are to decide that you no longer like this.
You wouldn't write a fucking novel, and, then, go back 10 years later, and change one sentence out of that novel.
This is part of my book.
You just get to read it.
I think there's a lot of things that mark you in this world.
But they don't define you, right?
You can get as many tattoos as possible.
But does that really, really define who you are?
I don't think so.
For me, it doesn't.
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Have You Ever Regretted Your Tattoos? | Under the Skin

1689 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on August 1, 2019    Angel Hsu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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