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  • My name is Marla and welcome to my channel! If you're new here... and if you're not... hey. Today's video

  • I'm super excited about because I just finished filming all the like, try on clothing parts.

  • Today's video is going to be a... I'm not sure what I've titled the video yet

  • But it's basically like, ways to improve your style, how to make a basic outfit look good, styling tips.

  • It's like all those

  • video titles meshed into one. So, I don't know what I've titled this video.

  • But that's what this is. First item of business is when you are trying to tuck in a shirt and all of that extra fabric

  • is getting super lumpy inside your pants. And that sounds really weird

  • but it's probably happened to all of us at one point in our lives.

  • But my advice for this is to get a body suit and body suits are actually amazing and then when you pull up your pants,

  • you won't have any of that lump or that extra fabric wadded up. And so it looks super good.

  • But if you don't have a body suit and you just have a specific t-shirt you want to tuck into your pants or something

  • just make sure you smooth it down all the way or even suggest

  • cropping the bottom of it. Getting body suits are definitely a priority in everyone's closet.

  • Okay, tip number two is to have a cool belt. And cool belts

  • they help your outfit so, so, so, so much... and you could have a very

  • Well-put-together outfit that's chic and cute and all that fun stuff

  • But it would be a lot better if you had a cute belt to go with it

  • I have a checkered one, a star belt, and then this -like I don't even know what to call it. it's just like a chain

  • belt but they're actually all from Brandy

  • Melville. Brandy Melville has really good, pretty affordable belts that are

  • cute and belts also help just to cinch your waist up a little bit more and give you more of a figure and

  • They're cute, and they just add to your outfit and they make everything look so much more put together and it's just one simple accessory.

  • my next tip is cuffing and this is something that most people know but then again not a lot of people do. It's cuffing your

  • jeans and your shirts. This just adds such a retro vibe. Plus it also just helps to make your clothes

  • Look fitted, like more fitted and tailored to your body because sometimes the jeans are too long or they're awkwardly short

  • So if you cuff them then that just looks like they're supposed to be that way on purpose.

  • Another must-have for your closet is a go-to pair of white shoes. These are some of my favorite ones.

  • These are the Reebok

  • Classics and they're off-white and I love the fact that they're off-white because they match so many different items of clothing. Then these are the

  • Nike Air Force ones and I feel like everyone owns these but they really are

  • a good pair of shoes if you just need something to grab and go and still look cute.

  • Next up is hats, and hats can transform your outfit so fast. if you want to look like a hippie skater

  • person even though you don't skate,

  • wear a beanie. If you want to look like you just got back from France, wear a beret. If you want to look like a...

  • safari guide, wear a bucket hat.

  • Layering is another thing that I think is so cute and can make your outfit go from a solid 7 to a solid 11.

  • So this first one is like putting a shirt underneath your shirt and this is a striped shirt.

  • But I hope you guys enjoyed this styling video and if you did like it give it a thumbs up!

  • Thanks for watching. And I really enjoyed it making this type of video

  • so if you guys like more videos like these let me know by giving it a thumbs up and subscribe

  • That's it for today folks. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you guys in my next one. Bye! MARLA ILYSM!

My name is Marla and welcome to my channel! If you're new here... and if you're not... hey. Today's video

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