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10th and 12th Summer Holidays are a... scary time
because now you have to answer the most serious question..
'What do you want to do in life?'
And thus begins the Great Indian Circus.
Relatives you didn't even know existed will start giving you gyaan.
'Engineering lele'
'Architecture le'
'Beta Scientist banja'
'Law lele'
'Government Job = Security for Life, beta'
But students don't know how to pick the right career
because Schools and Colleges are busy printing newspaper ads
about which student, threw up the most in the answer sheet
so that next year they can ask parents for more money.
But when it comes to helping students pick the right career
they just dust their hands of that responsiblity
because it's not a part of the syllabus, no!
And this bullshitting is one of the reasons why
a majority of people are unhappy
because they end up with jobs they do not like.
So I am not going to belittle your potential
or your ambition by forcing you to pick a career.
But I am going to tell you what skills you need
so that YOU make the right career choice.
So it doesn't matter if you are a student enjoying your summer holidays
or if you are a professional looking for a change,
today by the end of this video, you will know exactly what to do.
So in today's video I am going to tell you
1) 4 skills you must acquire in your summer holidays.
2) Analyse these skills based on 2 parameters...
How to learn them? and Why to learn them?
But most importantly, towards the end, I'll give you a Bonus Tip
that'll help you get closer to the right career
that also pays well.
But before that, if you like what I am saying
make sure you hit that big fat 'Like' button
because that motivates me to make more videos.
Let's begin.
See, it's okay to play video games
and watch those trending skits on YouTube.
But why waste your entire day on it
when you can learn new things and also have fun while doing it.
So here are the top 4 productive things that you can do this summer.
1. Learn How to Code
Okay, don't be afraid..
Coding is a beautiful skill that'll help you run the world.
You chatting on phone....that's code.
You typing on your laptop....that's code.
You using the metro...that is also code.
And yet, most people do not understand how it works.
Coding looks complicated but you don't have to
build the next BIG Search Engine on your first day.
So here are the first 2 baby steps you can take this summer.
1. Start by learning the basics of a programming language.
C, C++, Java, JavaScript...
There will be a number of tutorials online
that will teach you these for free.
2. To get better at it, start solving problems
like sorting, searching using that programming language.
For that you don't need to install any fancy software.
All you need is an internet connection.
Now you will wonder which programming language to pick.
I am there no. :P
I made a detailed video about the best programming languages
and a step-by-step procedure about how to learn them.
You can find this video on my YouTube channel or
I've also left the link in the description.
Make sure you check it out.
Now coming to why you should learn coding?
Because of 3 reasons...
1. It will improve your creativity.
Every time you play a game or use an app,
you will start thinking about how to create your own app
because now you know how code works.
2. Coding is all about taking a complex problem,
breaking it into smaller parts
and solving the sh*t out of it.
And that is what problem solving is all about, which is a great skill to have.
3. It makes your resume stand-out
whenever you are applying to jobs or universities
and that doesn't hurt you now, does it?
2. Learn about Money
Schools do not teach us anything about finance
but when you go out in the real-world
you have to take care of your bills, your savings, your expenditure
so that you don't have to financially depend on anybody else.
Not your mommy, not your daddy
and definitely not your spouse.
So here are the first 3 baby steps that you need to take now
so that in future your roti, kapda and makaan are sorted.
1. Have the 'Finance Talk' with your parents.
Ask them about your family's budget,
how much do they spend,
where do they save.
But don't go around telling your neighbours about it.
2. Start saving money and maintain a separate bank account
where you can transfer the money that you save
from your pocket money, your Eidi or
from what you earn this summer.
3. Start earning this summer.
The quickest way is to ask your parents,
your relatives or the people in your building
if they need help with something.
I remember, when I was a kid, I used to copy assignment answers
from a textbook for my mom's friend who was
teaching in the same college but was also studying to get some other degree.
She needed help and my hand-writing was good.
It was my first 'kamai' and it boosted my self-confidence.
So commit to some job this summer
be it maintaining records,
tutoring someone, baby-sitting,
selling things door-to-door, walking dogs or
even working for your favourite YouTuber for a few months.
Because this will teach you the value of money early in your life.
Finance sounds complicated but trust me, money is fun
which is why I have simplified all of it in my finance videos titled,
'How I bought a house before turning 25',
'Mutual Funds for Beginners'
and 'How to save money'.
You can watch all of these videos on my YouTube channel and
I have left their links in the description.
So if you want to learn about finance, make sure you do not miss out on them.
Now why should you learn finance?
There is one major reason...
Financial Independence.
If you take your financial decisions now,
later you can also take your own life decisions
like which college to chose, when to marry, where to settle...
without having to depend on someone else for money.
3. Make the world a better place.
See, there is a small percentage of people who are
working really hard to make this world a better place
and only they can teach you life skills
that you can't learn anywhere else.
So here are the 2 things that you can do
to learn from them.
1. Do Online Networking
Join meetup.com, facebook groups like..
'Humans of ', 'Spread the Word'
so that you stay updated with the events happening around you.
And once you find a cause that interests you
be it planting trees, animal welfare,
dance workshops, heritage walks,
book reading...ping those people
and volunteer to help organise those events
or be a part of that community.
Infact, comment below and tell me which
Facebook groups or Instagram pages according to you are doing a good job.
2. Pick up just one cause that saves the environment
and implement it in your apartment building.
Infact, you can even make a team of the kids in your locality
who can help you spread the word, door-to-door.
Causes that you can take up are
reducing usage of plastic bags and bottled water,
planting trees,
even preventing food wastage.
Just pick up any one cause and make people around you
realise why even they should follow suit.
Because with climate change posing a serious threat
Mother Nature could seriously use people like you
to work for her.
Coming to what you'll learn from it.
1. It builds your work ethic because
it teaches you things like how to follow up,
be responsible, meet deadlines.
2. It teaches you team-work, how to lead a team
and how to resolve a conflict incase there is a disagreement in the team.
But most importantly, it will help you find your life's purpose or your passion.
See, I know you are confused about your career right now
but when you take up a cause, work for it,
meet people with different careers,
your understanding of the world increases
and that is how you get closer to realising what you want to do in your life.
If you want to know more about it,
I have made a separate video titled, 'How to find your Dream Job'
that'll answer the most burning questions
you have right now about your future.
Make sure you check it out.
I know it is difficult to go out there and talk to new people
which is why next week, I am going to make a video titled,
'How to not get nervous while speaking to someone'
So incase you do not want to miss out on that,
make sure you 'Subscribe' to my channel and hit that 'Bell' icon.
The final thing to do this summer is...Exercise.
Yes, I cannot stress enough how important physical literacy is.
Young or old, we all need to move.
Not because I want you to lose weight but because I want you to be healthy, creative and happy.
And here are the baby steps you need to take, to get there.
1. Start cycling. Buy a bike or rent it out but make sure you cycle every morning.
2. Or you can enrol in a physical activity class that you enjoy
be it martial arts, swimming or even dance.
3. Pick up a sport. Play badminton with your friends,
join football or even play galli cricket.
Basically, pick up anything that gets you out of the house, away from your devices.
Now why is exercise important? Simple...
It makes you creative, when your body is fit you become productive,
but most importantly it keeps you young.
Now before I tell you the Bonus Tip, this is what I want you to do.
Comment below and tell me, which of these things will you pick up first and start doing it this summer.
Because the more I know about what you want to do, the more videos I can make about it.
And when you comment below, you are promising me that you are going to start doing it right away.
Get one thing straight....Life is not fair.
In exams, you give the right answer and you get marks, but in life
you might do everything right but still not get ahead.
And that's okay.
So today's Bonus Tip is this..
Marks and getting the answer 'right' are not everything.
If you want to excel in life you need to
You don't have to be the top 3 in your class
just make sure your grades are not too bad.
Because the world does not need toppers,
it needs people with creative minds, open hearts
and throwing in a great body, doesn't hurt. You know what I am saying?
So start with atleast one activity this week and when you do
take a photo, share it on your profile and tag me.
Be it learning how to code, playing a sport or taking up a community event.
And I will re-share it on my profile to show that I support what you've started.
Also, share this video with all of your friends because it is more fun
and productive to do things as a team, instead of doing it alone.
On that note, I promise to see you again very soon until then,
Keep Fighting, The Urban Fight, to be Fit!
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What to Do During Summer Holidays? | Are Marks Important?

78 Folder Collection
up1217home published on August 1, 2019
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