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  • Hi everyone! My name is Chris with and today we're in front of-

  • - ISI Language School, located near Waseda University. So we think this is a great place to study.

  • Come on, let's take a look.

  • "Koppu" or "Kappu" (cup), either way is fine. "The cup is dirty".

  • "The cup is dirty".

  • - And what about this? - The clothes...

  • Right. "The clothes are dirty".

  • I really like the teachers in this school, cause they're all so nice and really helpful, so-

  • - they always help you out and the lessons are interesting, too.

  • But, that might be because I really wanted to study Japanese, so I really like everything.

  • Including the General Japanese Course, there are 8 different courses.

  • The University and College Preparation Course, for students that want to enter a Japanese university.

  • Graduate School Preparation Course,

  • Top University Preparation Course, for people that want to enter the most prestigious universities in Japan.

  • And also the Conversation Course. Those are the main courses.

  • So today was the orientation, and they showed us-

  • -where we needed to go if we needed money, like the post office, which is really near.

  • And cheap places to get lunch and stuff like that.

  • We've seen everything, so. It was really good orientation.

  • What do you think is the strong point of this school?

  • Everything. I'm extremely satisfied.

  • I love life in Japan and I had a chance to come to here, so I took it.

  • Always if wanna know something, they always give you the information.

  • They even print out maps from the internet to you. They're very helpful.

  • On the day of the Welcome Party, we gather all the students together in the afternoon,

  • -then everyone writes their name and country, stick it on their shirt,

  • - so they can interact with the other new students.

  • We get visits from ambitious Japanese university students-

  • - so the language students get to exchange with Japanese students around their own age.

  • Part-time jobs is kind of a crucial issue for international students.

  • We give descriptions of jobs to students, and tell them to apply for the jobs they're interested in.

  • Very close to the school, there is a lot of restaurants, shops and the station is really close.

  • It's like, 2 minutes walking.

  • For example, the Business Course contains things that you need for doing business in Japan, but-

  • -also things that are applicable and usable in the student's own countries.

  • The Employment Course is strictly focused on making students able to find a full-time job inside Japan.

  • When I'm done with my studies here, I think I want to go straight to a vocational school or find work.

  • Later on, my purpose is to enter university in Japan.

  • And when I've graduated I want to work as an English teacher in Japan.

  • Japan is not only about the Japanese language. It's a country with a lot of fun and interesting culture.

  • Please come to study and experience many wonderful things in Japan with us at ISI.

Hi everyone! My name is Chris with and today we're in front of-

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