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Why are you still awake?
Come on, what time is it?
3 o'clock
You guys don't sleep at night, huh?
Audience: We stay up for you.
For me, huh?
Let's be high till the daybreak
High together okay?
No sleep. Let's be crazy
Someone is sleeping next door
Ignore them. Let's be crazy
I thoroughly ignore them
I haven't open the door
and call them let's be crazy together, you know?
Airi is more powerful know?
Come on, let me show my Airi to you.
You what?
I was overwhelmed by him
He's that amazing?
Ah someone's dead
I think we'd better ambush them
Let's ambush
This Mina is a good player
Oh Gosh
My teammates are all dead. I mean, seriously
we can't fight there
pretty well
This Florentina
It's seems I couldn't beat him up
Let's see his equipment
I think I could defeat him easily?
Come on
Hiding inside?
Why heading to Mid Lane?
Give up your bot lane?
Why are you heading to Mid Lane?
Why? Give up your bot lane?
It's impossible for him to defeat me
Oh no
hell no
Still survive?
Wow...How could I keep playing then?
I'm done
oh no...
Ahhhh screwed
He's still survive?
He wanna kill me
He has earned $2300
Stay away from him……I can't defeat him
He's amazing
Ryoma don't fight with him.
Someone had been ambushed dead now
What to do
They are ambushing
I just said they're ambushing us. Don't go
No we can't defeat them
Hell no
My attack point is not enough
I can't kill them in a second
No no no
I have to carry the others
Moren's defense point is 700
I should avoid confronting with him.
Yes we can
step by step
defense mode okay?
we'll fightback later
I can kill this Moren now
can't I?
Yes, I can!!
I'm getting rich
I've earned $4500
step by step
Didn't you see it?
I didn't see it either
I just pressed the shop accidentally
But I know
I was mighty
Come on, come on
He'll die in a second
Failed to kill him Arrrrr…..
I didn't see that he has Hercules' Madness
It was my fault that failed to kill him
You know what
I thought I could kill him easily
And it turned out that Hercules' Madness was activated
My bad. I made a mistake.
But not so bad.
At least I'm alive too
Moren's defense point is 800
I can't defeat him now
Just wait for a chance
He's aggressive
slow down no need to rush
They will come out
His defense point is descending
He's done
Nice Mina
Pretty smart
Nice move
Nakroth want to play one on five?
You silly?
Where's Moren?
Beating Abyssal Dragon
Nice to place the dragon here
Moren's defense point is only 400 I can kill him
ambush first
Wait for a chance, okay?
I will have flicker and ultimate at the same time
Just kill them at once.
Kill them at once!
Come on Come on
Kill them at once, you got it?
Kill him Kill him Kill him
He wanna come in and kill?
Come on
Kill Tulen Kill Tulen Kill Tulen
Kill him
Destroy the tower
Game over
We killed them all from the bot lane
That's how we play
32% of damage
I carried a play again
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586 Folder Collection
Ray Tseng published on July 26, 2019
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