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“Getting ready for vacation?
Don't forget your sunscreen.
In this video we want to show you how to choose and apply the right sunscreen for your needs.
Hi ladies, it's Josephine Wong, training executive with Shiseido, and today I wanted
to share with you some really great sun care products that we have at Shiseido.
I have my friend Jillian here, we're going to do some demonstrations of the products.
So we have a couple different options at Shiseido.
The white packaging is our Urban Environment sun care products, and there's three different
options here for you, and the first one is the Urban Environment Oil-Free product.
So this is one of our top sellers because it's fantastic for that everyday sunscreen.
You can throw it on if you're just driving to work, dropping the kids off, running to
the grocery, things like that, and it looks flawless.
You can also use it as a makeup base as well.
So we have one that is for the face, we have one that's for the face and the body, and
then we also have one that's available that has a tint to it.
So those are the three options for our Urban Environment.
They have anti-pollution powder in it, which is great because there's so much pollution
in the air, we want to be able to protect our skin.
And then the other option that we have at Shiseido is our Ultimate.
This has WetForce technology inside of it, and Ultimate just means that we're going
to be a little bit more active.
So maybe if you're going to go for a swim, a little jog and you're going to be sweating
or perspiring, these are fantastic because WetForce technology actually activates your
sunscreen to be more protective for you and have a stronger bond on your skin once you
have either gotten wet or you're perspiring.
The first option here is SPF 50 WetForce, and this is for the face and the body, then
we have a cream version that's just for the face, and then most recently we've come
out with a sensitive.
This is super exciting for those of you that have sensitive skin, it's a mineral-based
It's PABA-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free.
It contains only physical sunscreen agents, including zinc-oxide and titanium dioxide.
So this is the one that Jillian's going to use today because she does have sensitive
skin and I'm going to use the regular Ultimate with the SPF 50, and we're going to shake
it up.
So we want to make sure that you hear this little clicking inside and that shaking is
going to make sure that all the ingredients are nice and mixed up.
So if we flip over the bottle, you'll see the product comes right out.
So we're going to go ahead and start applying, and there's also a beautiful technology
that allows this product to give you an even application and protect your skin 360 degrees
from all UV rays.
You may see a white cast at first because of this physical sunscreen agent.
So now, how quick and easy that was, what do you think, Jillian?”
“It's very lightweight.”
“Isn't it?
It feels so - like nothing, right?”
“These are the products we reviewed in this video: Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector,
Urban Environment UV Protection Cream, Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector, Ultimate
Sun Protection Lotion WetForce SPF 50, Ultimate Sun Protection Cream WetForce SPF 50, Ultimate
Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50 for Sensitive Skin and Children.
This mineral-based formula contains aloe, so it's extra gentle and soothing for sensitive
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How to Choose and Apply the Right Sunscreen | Beauty Expert Tips | Shiseido

172 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on July 26, 2019
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