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- Hi and welcome to ToFluency.com, with Kate and--
- Jack.
- Today we are going to be going over summer items.
Our theme today is heatwave,
and everything in this bucket,
is number one, a mystery to Jack.
- Yes.
- And number two, something that has to do with hot weather.
- Yeah and this whole lesson is a mystery to me as well.
But this is Kate's idea, it sounds good from what I know.
And I think this is gonna be a really good way
for you to learn some new words and phrases.
You did say that you're going to give them
opportunity to say what the item is, right?
- That's right.
So you're also going to get to test yourself
and see if you know the vocabulary for each item
I am about to pick out of the bucket.
And the last one is a special surprise for Jack.
- Oh, fanastic, wow!
I'm good at surprises.
- Are you?
- But okay, just before we get started as well,
you're showing seven items?
- Approximately.
- Okay.
And they're all related to heatwave?
- Mm-hmm.
- We had a mini heatwave last week.
- We did.
- Did you know they're having a heatwave
in the UK at the moment?
- Really? - Yeah.
- So temperatures are higher than normal?
- A lot higher.
Just to explain what a heatwave is.
- I was about to say, how would you describe a heatwave?
- How would you describe a heatwave?
So yeah, heatwave is when the, it's like a period of time,
usually more than two days, right?
When the temperatures, they're not just hot,
but they're very hot, it feels really hot outside.
And I remember, actually could be a day.
Do you remember in Valencia when we came back from Italy,
I think, or the UK, and we were living in Spain at the time.
I know you want to open this!
But we were living in Spain at the time,
and there's that one day when it was just, unbelievable.
- It was so hot.
It felt like we had opened the oven,
and we were just standing in front of it constantly.
- Well, this feels like Christmas,
and I know you want to see what's inside,
and we're just going to talk about these items, I guess?
And introduce some phrases that we can use with them.
Okay, so, item number one.
- Item number one!
I'm gonna just set this down, no peeking!
- Okay, no peeking.
- No Peeking.
Okay the first item that I have,
is not really one to test ourselves on,
but I have a cup for you, a cup for me.
- Fantastic.
- Some ice.
- Oh, ice!
- Uh huh.
Ice and--
- Lemon.
- Lemon.
- Sorry, it's hard for me to hold back.
- (laughing) I know 'cause this is so exciting, I know.
Here, do you want to put some ice in your cup?
- Yeah.
Did you watch my video on seven things
I find strange about the USA?
- No.
- Lots of ice, ice, ice in everything.
Ice, ice, ice.
All right, maybe you need to watch it.
- Have some extra ice.
- Okay. (chuckles)
- And a little bit of refreshing lemon.
- Okay, yes please!
- So this is, this is one of my favorite ways to stay cool
when the weather is warm is to have some--
- So Kate is squeezing the lemon.
- I'm squeezing the lemon, and if this were very traditional
we would actually have lemonade.
- Yeah!
- Mm-hmm.
And children make money in the summer
by having a lemonade stand,
and selling little cups of lemonade.
Today, we have sparkling water.
- Yeah, from Trader Joes.
- True.
- And it says, raspberry lime flavor.
So this is sparkling water.
What is the most famous brand of sparkling water in the US?
- Oh, good question.
- Well think about a few years ago,
there weren't many options, there was only one option.
What was that option?
There's a song about it that we both love.
- Go ahead.
- La Croix!
- La Croix!
- And, but did you know that I just saw a headline recently,
saying that sales of La Croix have just come straight down?
Because of all the cheap competitors now.
- Yeah, now it's very popular, so, cheers!
- Sparkling water with lemon.
- Do you feel cooler and more refreshed?
- Yeah.
- My work is done.
- So, that's the first thing in the heatwave, I guess?
- Mm-hmm.
- Cold water.
- Cold water.
- Stay hydrated, it's very important.
- Now we're gonna imagine that you
actually venture out of the house.
- Okay, so we're stepping out the house now?
- We're stepping out of the house,
and there are two things that
we apply to our skin before we go outside.
- Yeah.
- And I can show you what these are,
but it's hard to tell from a distance.
Can you guess what the two things are?
- Me? - Uh huh.
- Oh, I know what they are.
- You know what they are.
- So yeah (chuckles),
but yet you put both of them on your skin?
- Uh huh.
- One protects you from the sun.
And the other one protects you from bugs.
- Bugs, mosquitoes, particularly.
So I'm just gonna give you a little bit of this to apply.
- Just a tiny bit.
- Just a tiny bit
I feel like I'm in duty free at the moment at the airport.
- It went everywhere!
So I usually put this on my skin.
This is sunblock.
- I think we call it sunscreen, or suntan lotion.
- Suntan lotion?
Yeah we can call it that too.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so we usually put on a lot of this or I do.
- I don't.
- Because my skin burns.
- Yeah, I'm good at not getting burnt.
- He gets tan.
- I get tanned in the Uk, yeah to get tanned.
- And now this is bug spray.
- Yeah.
Are you gonna put bug spray on me?
- yes I am.
- All right.
- Here we go.
Now, growing up we didn't really have bug spray.
- No!
- No.
- You don't have as many mosquitoes.
- No, I think I used to get bitten probably
five times a summer in the UK.
- Wow.
- Here, it's crazy.
Our house is a lot better,
but our old property, you go outside,
you'd have 10 mosquitoes
just hovering around your legs, ready to strike.
- And you are especially appealing to mosquitoes.
- Yeah, I am.
- They like me, they like to bite me,
but now that I've been with you,
they all just go to you.
- Yeah.
- He is the most delicious.
Okay, so imagine, we're still going outside.
Something else that we put on.
Do you know what this is called?
- Do you remember where we got those from too?
- Yeah, I do.
- So, tell them.
- These are sun glasses.
- Sun glasses.
And you can do a couple things.
First of all you can put on sunglasses.
- Nice.
- And then you can take them off again.
And, oh!
- Oh!
- Avalera MyLodgeTax
I don't know where these come from.
- They're not sponsoring the video--
- No, sponsored by.
Yeah so, sunglasses, shades as well.
- Shades.
- What, is there another word for them?
- I think that's it, I just call them sunglasses.
- Sunglasses and shades.
I think shades are more,
it's probably more common isn't it to say shades.
- I still say sunglasses,
but it is a little bit more cool to call them shades.
- Yeah.
- Did I tell you about the time
when I got those sunglasses in Columbia?
- No.
- For next to nothing.
Because a friend of mine,
who I was traveling with at the time,
he's so indecisive that they thought
his indecision was him bargaining.
So they said, "okay, thirty dollars for these sunglasses!"
He's like "I don't know if I want them."
They're like, "Twenty five!"
"I just don't know if I want them or not."
It just went down to five.
- Oh, wow.
- And then I said "I'll get some!"
- I'll get some for five.
So bargaining worked for you.
- Yeah.
- These were free!
- Yeah.
- Mhmm.
- And we go through a lot of sunglasses, don't we?
- Yeah, we do, they're really easy to break and lose.
- Yeah.
- But I like the nice ones that are polarized
'cause they really help protect your eyes,
but we don't have that for every time.
This one is a tricky one.
This one is definitely a tricky one.
This is for after.
Did you see in the bucket?
- Aloe?
- Yes, but that was supposed to be the mystery.
- I know, I keep saying this.
- Okay, so this is a piece of a plant,
and Jack gave away what plant it was.
But this is an aloe vera plant, a piece of one.
And after you go out in the sun, if you get burnt,
or if you get burnt in any other way,
aloe vera feels so good and see.
- It works really well.
- How does it feel?
- Yeah, it's nice.
- It's slimy.
Yeah it's slimy but it feels so good when you get sunburned.
- Strange smell, isn't it?
- Yeah, it does have a very particular smell.
I like it better from the plant than from--
- Yeah, I do as well.
Looks like a lizard's tail.
- It does, doesn't it?
- Or a dinosaur tail.
- No lizards were harmed in making this video.
So after you come in and you're sunburned,
which I got sunburned this weekend.
'cause you can see, you can't see it in the video,
but I have like a hand print,
like a white hand print right there.
- Did you sleep with your--
- Maybe!
- Hand on your belly?
- Maybe that's how I got it, but anyway.
- Yeah, the joke I was trying to make before was,
how do you say this in your accent?
- Aloe vera.
- Yeah, is the joke of saying, hello Vera, hello Vera!
- There are so many jokes that Jack has
that only work in his accent.
- Yeah, that's a London accent.
- It's a London accent.
And then we have-- - What's next?
Is this the last one?
- This is the last item!
And this is the surprise for you.
- Okay.
- You ready?
- Oh!
- I was waiting for that!
The last item was a water gun.
Do you want to get me?
- No, it's okay, I'll rise above it.
- And we also brought everything today in a bucket
that is in the shape of a sandcastle.
So when we go to the beach, whoops!
If you fill it with sand, you can make a sandcastle.
- That was a good little surprise.
I just want to teach them about the gun a little bit.
I'm not gonna spray you, I promise!
I promise, I won't spray you.
This is a water pistol,
and something I've noticed,
is that in the summer, in America,
everything is water based.
Like, kids birthday parties,
people go to the pool all the time,
there are sprinklers in people's gardens,
hose pipes come out.
- Sprinklers that you can run through,
and also people will sometimes put down plastic
or a tarp and put a hose on it
and some soap and that's a Slip n' Slide.
- Yeah, Slip n' Slide, that is so much fun!
You need a good hill, a good elevation, don't you?
Where you can get some momentum,
and you put a hose pipe at the top,
and it really works well if you use washing up liquid.
What do you call that?
- Dish soap?
- Dish soap.
And then it just makes it more slippery,
and you can get some momentum,
and slide down the Slip n' Slide.
And that's a lot of fun.
- So, did you think this was a good selection
of things to cool off and enjoy the heatwave?
- Yeah, I think a lot of these things are,
cheers, yeah, necessary.
I like that you started off with the drink.
That was very nice.
Bug spray?
It is necessary, if you're out in the evening especially.
- If you're out somewhere natural.
- Water gun, I won't forget that one.
And, yeah, aloe vera, hello Vera, after you get sunburned.
And then just a couple of things about the bucket.
Sunglass too.
There's a couple of phrases you can use with bucket.
Bucket list Which, what is a bucket list?
- That comes from another phrase,
which is to kick the bucket.
- Yes, all right so, to kick the bucket means to--
- Die.
- To die.
Nothing to do with summer and heat.
- No.
- No.
So to kick the bucket means to die,
and is it used in a fun way?
You know what I mean?
It's not you don't say it
when you're talking about a death.
- No!
- You know what I mean?
- It's not a very sensitive--
- No, that's the right way.
or, I don't know, polite way to describe dying.
- No, no, you wouldn't ask like,
oh when did your cat kick the bucket?
when you just found out that your friend's cat died.
- No and I've never actually used that expression.
- I've never used it.
- But we know what it means.
And from that expression, comes the phrase, a bucket list,
which are the things that are most important
to you to do before you die.
- Yeah, and people will write a list of things
that they want to do before they die, yeah, a bucket list.
Sorry, I was trying to think of an article I read
that was talking about don't make a bucket list,
but I can't even remember what the article was.
I think it might of been things to do before you're forty.
- Yeah.
- Or something like that.
- Okay!
- Yeah, so, what I'm gonna do,
is leave some of the phrases that we've used in this video
in the description for people to look at
so that you can learn some new words and phrases.
And then go watch shared conversation that we had on summer.
Do you remember that conversation?
- I do.
- It's from a few years ago.
Very enthusiastic.
- I am, I'm really excited about the summer,
I love talking about the seasons.
- Yeah, so we had a chat about summer,
we've also talked about winter.
Did we talk about fall?
- I think maybe we talked about the transition to fall.
- Right.
- I remember talking about pumpkin spice.
- Yeah, and that was also my video
about strange things about the USA,
how everyone is obsessed with pumpkin spice.
- Yeah.
- So go check out those videos!
There's a whole playlist for you to watch.
I think this is a really good way for you to learn English,
and thank you, Kate for this fun lesson.
- No problem!
Can I leave with two questions?
- Oh, Kate's Questions?
- Well, I have two, I usually have two.
My first question is what's your favorite way
to stay cool in the summer?
And also, out of curiosity, when you tested yourself,
how many of these vocabulary words did you know already?
- Yeah, good?
Thank you for watching, speak to you soon!
Bye, bye.
(upbeat electric music)
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Advanced English Conversation: What You Need for a Heatwave - 51 Conversational Phrases (ep #15)

141 Folder Collection
洪子雯 published on July 25, 2019
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