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  • The average person will spend about 2 years of their life showering and washing themselves,

  • but what would happen if you decided to take some of your life back and stop showering all together?

  • Many people actually shower too much- while a daily rinse is fine, you can make do with

  • a scrub of your armpits, groin and feet and save a full-body scrubdown for every other

  • or even every three days.

  • That's because your body naturally builds up a defensive layer against infection called

  • the stratum corneum.

  • This is a layer of dead skin cells bound together by fat cells called lipids that acts as a

  • shield against bacteria and infections for the new skin being grown underneath.

  • When you shower with too hot water, or scrub too often, you strip this layer away and leave

  • your skin unprotected which can lead to infections or dry, itchy skin.

  • But what happens when you don't shower at all?

  • Well, the first thing you and likely all your friends will notice is that you'll start

  • to smell pretty bad.

  • While we commonly assume this is because of sweat, it turns out sweat is actually odorless-

  • the smell instead comes from bacteria that absolutely thrive in sweat and rapidly multiply

  • out of control, releasing the pungent aroma of bad B.O.

  • The second thing you'll likely notice when you stop showering is an explosion of acne

  • across your face and body.

  • Throughout your day your skin is constantly secreting oils to help keep itself moisturized.

  • When you stop washing that oil can get backed up in your pores and cause blockages.

  • Dirt and other grime can also become stuck in all that oil and further block your pores,

  • sending you straight back to your pimply-faced high school days.

  • But some people are naturally resistant to acne, and report their faces actually clearing

  • up when they stop showering.

  • Though they may not suffer from increased acne, their dead skin cells, normally removed

  • by regular washing, would also begin to clump, glued together by oils secreted by the body.

  • These oils would also trap dirt and other pollutants, creating large patches of dead

  • skin which would gradually turn darker and eventually become infected with fungus and bacteria.

  • This could lead to the development of warty growths and leave you vulnerable to infections.

  • Whether you shower daily or not though, your body is always covered in bacteria and fungus-

  • the average person has about 1,000 different types of bacteria and 80 funguses growing on them at any time.

  • These are mostly beneficial to us though, helping to crowd out bad bacteria/fungus,

  • and creating antimicrobial secretions that protect us from infections.

  • But if you stop washing they can start to grow completely out of control, and eventually

  • enter the eyes, mouth, nose or ears, causing everything from internal infections to diarrhea.

  • Everyone has skipped a shower or two, and though 2 years of your life may seem like

  • a lot of time wasted just cleaning yourself- trust us, it's worth it.

  • While it's ok, and even beneficial to limit how often you do a full-body scrubdown, not

  • cleaning yourself at all is not just bad for your friends, but can be potentially really bad for your health too!

  • You don't want to be the smelly kid at school, but you definitely don't want to be the

  • sick one stuck in bed either!

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The average person will spend about 2 years of their life showering and washing themselves,

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