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I see color as a form of communication.
I feel like it tells a story.
When I look at colors like in a painting, I think automatically, can I put that on a head?
My name is Daniel Moon, and I'm a hair colorist.
I first started getting into hair when I was in the Marine Corps.
I barbered myself and other friends.
I was granted permission to exit the Marine Corps to go to hair school.
Being so restricted in the military, I think getting out of it, there were no limits.
Restriction was enforced on me, so when it came to creating, I had a vow that I'd never restrict myself from doing something that I felt like I wanted to and somehow came up with this magic way of coloring hair.
So freehand hair coloring is looking at the head as a canvas.
Whether it's short hair or long hair, being able to just paint on it as if it was a sculpture.
I find inspiration everywhere.
I look to the art world; I look to the magazine world; I look in books; I look where people don't think about looking.
When I'm choosing colors and designs I imagine like a checkerboard.
This purple is here, this red is here.
Can I connect this color to that color?
I'm looking at it from every angle.
Top, bottom, left, right, and then just playing with those different kind of shapes.
I don't think about being different from other hair stylists.
I create work that is different for me; it's different from my last piece.
I think people dye their hair to have fun-to create a persona that's fun to live in.
Did some big color changes and had some great collaborations with Madonna, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, and Zoe Kravitz.
The work that I create is temporary, and that is a romantic thing.
Because it fades away, hair grows out, I can spend three hours, six hours on a piece, and then it could walk out the door, and then it's never seen again.
I like that it's an art form that washes away.
I'd like to just continue on creating and just making something that I've never seen before.
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The Hair Artist Working With Madonna and Katy Perry

1003 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on July 24, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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