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Hi guys Nick here from Intuitive Tennis. Today I want to show you some of my
favorite wall drills. So the wall is one of the most underused ways to practice
tennis worldwide. It is a great way to improve your cardio, it's a great way to
improve your footwork, your consistency and your reflexes and also some of the
best players in the world have learned to play tennis on the wall. So let's
check out some of these drills. So the first drill is the all forehand drill.
The key here is not to hit any backhands and move your feet around the ball and
try to hit as many forehands in a row as possible. I'm gonna try to get ten in
a row.
So the next thing you can do is work on is your forehand slice. So it's basically the same
thing. You run around your backhand and but all you do is a forehand slice and
you try to get as many in the row as possible I'm going to go for 10
Same drill works for the backend too. You can do one-handed or two-handed and try
to get as many in a row and don't allow yourself to hit any forehands.
Then you can work on your footwork.
And if you do the same thing with the slice backhand no forehands allowed
only slice.
Okay now you can try to alternate between forehands and backhands and try
to get as many in a row as possible. Let's try to go for 10.
You can also practice serves on the wall and the best way is to serve straight.
Right down the middle which would somewhat mimic a serve down the T.
After you get the serve in you try to play out the point but keep the ball in
play and get as many as you can in a row.
As far as footwork is concerned on the wall it's very difficult to do any type of
running because the ball is coming back extremely fast so you will not be able
to practice on the run but it's more of a stationary footwork which is very
effective to work on setting up balls that are coming right to you. Getting
around the ball so that's a great workout for the feet.
Nothing beats practicing volleys on the wall. I recommend this to my students all
the time. If you are unable to volley to yourself on the wall there is no way
you're going to be an effective volleyer on the court rallying with somebody. So
let's start off with a basic forehand volley drill we're just rallying forehands
and we're trying to basically be stationary and what's great about this
is you can go up to a hundred and about twenty thirty balls in, you're gonna
start feeling it in your forearm and your hand. Start with a slow pace and
then according to your level you can start increasing the pace like this. Good
and then you can do the same thing on the backhand. Backhand works the same way
for most players this is the weaker side. So you can develop great forearm
stability and wrist stability for the backhand volley. Just pay attention to
the wrist make sure it doesn't drop and if you can get 100 in a row you're going
to be feeling a big time and then you can alternate you in the forehand
backhand you can increase the pace according to your level.
Good, and it works also for half volley, so you can half volley to yourself
you do need a little bit more speed on the ball so the ball can bounce right in
front of you and you have volley. Like this and then the same thing on the
backhand half volley on this side as well. That's to far away. And you can alternate
you could do a half volley and then into a volley half volley into a volley. So all
kinds of variations now if you want to work on your reflexes you come closer to
the wall and it becomes real fast and you can try to alternate like this.
It's great exercise. Now I probably hit over 100 already and I feel it big time in my
hand. Feels like it's about to burst.
One more and that's it
Great workout. One of my all-time favorite drills is the overhead drill on the wall
if you can master this drill you can definitely master the overheads on the
court. The degree of difficulty is high so this is more for advanced players and it
works the following way. You have to hit the ball into the ground right before
the wall and the ball is going to pop up like a lob and you start off slowly just
to get a feel and then make sure the feet are moving because the feet are
crucial to set up this ball.
Good and you can go as hard as you want and try to get as many in a row as
possible. I'm gonna try to do ten starting on let's try to hit them a
little bit harder.
I think that was 10, last one.
Popped the string, that's how good the wall is.
So these are some of my favorite
wall drills. If you do this for a half-hour you get an incredible workout
I mean it's really high-intensity. One-note I'd like to add is that you got
to make sure you have high intensity when you're practicing on the wall.
Make sure you're putting a lot of effort into every shot Don't allow the ball to bounce twice and that you
move your feet as much as you can and it's a fantastic workout.
Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Please write a comment below
I'll make sure to answer. Like the video and subscribe if you haven't already.
I'll see you next time.
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How to Train on a Tennis Wall?

168 Folder Collection
Li-chieh Young published on July 23, 2019
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