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Mr Balboa, you are welcome here. Since you're representing yourself,
we invite you to make an opening statement if you'd like to.
No, l'm just curious how l did, that's all.
All right. Well, the medical advisory board has informed us
that the tests to which you have been subjected,
you've passed these tests with flying colours.
- And we congratulate you for that. - Thanks.
However, this commission in good conscience
can not recommend you for a licence,
and we therefore deny your application.
- Didn't l do what you asked? - Yes, you did.
- So l should get a licence, right? - Not exactly.
So why you give me all them tests if you was never passin' me?
We've got to stand by our decision here,
and we have to deny your request for a licence at this time.
- Yo, don't l got some rights? -What rights are you referring to?
- Like in that official paper they wrote. - That's the Bill of Rights.
Don't it say something about goin' after what makes you happy?
No, that's the pursuit of happiness. What's your point?
l'm pursuing something and nobody looks happy about it.
But we're just looking out for your interests.
But maybe you're lookin' out for your interests just a little bit more.
You shouldn't ask people to come and pay the freight on somethin',
they pay, they're still not good enough. Is that right?
Maybe you're doin' your job, but why you gotta stop me from doin' mine?
lf you're willin' to go through the battling to get to where you wanna get,
who's got the right to stop you?
Maybe you guys got something you never finished, you really wanna do,
you never said to somebody - something! You're told no after you pay your dues.
Who's got the right to tell you that? Nobody! It's your right to listen to your gut.
lt ain't nobody's right to say no after you earned the right to do what you wanna do!
You know, the older l get, the more things l gotta leave behind. That's life.
The only thing l'm asking you guys to leave on the table is what's right.
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Rocky Balboa - Pursuit Of Happiness

51 Folder Collection
Daido Fuchie published on July 23, 2019
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