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It's like the CCP has gone mad arresting us believers.
We're putting our lives on the line by believing in God.
They could arrest us at any time.
We must continue to fulfill our duties.
We must have faith.
I've been watching you for a while.
I know that you believe in Almighty God!
You have no grounds to arrest us!
Believing in Almighty God is illegal!
You believers only listen to God's word and fail to obey the party,
so the CCP must punish you!
The Central Committee has given orders.
We have free rein to do as we please, even if it means beating you to death.
The Chinese constitution gives citizens the right to freedom of religion.
Freedom of religion? Don't be a fool!
If you believe in God, it's your life on the line!
Who is your leader?
Where do you keep the offerings?
Don't make it obvious.
They took turns interrogating and torturing me.
I was not allowed to sleep for a single moment, day or night.
If you're imprisoned, your children's schooling will be affected.
Is this not Satan's evil plot?
God, I have faith that all things are within Your control.
God, please guide me every step of the way.
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God With Me | Christian Movie Trailer | "Escape From the Devil's Den" | Eastern Lightning

129 Folder Collection
Kayla Lee published on July 21, 2019
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