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- [Narrator] It's time to shake off that cabin fever
and escape your daily routine with a spring break getaway.
Whether you'll be traveling by plane or car this break,
we have some simple travel tips just for you.
We've previously covered that you can protect
the head of your razor with a piece of a drinking straw.
An alternative to that could be a binder clip.
Not only does it provide safety
and a more durable cover for your razor
but it can also double as a toothbrush stand.
Simply prop your toothbrush with a clip
to prevent it from touching dirty counters at a hotel.
This is a quick and simple trick to use
especially if you can't find anything else
to put your toothbrush in.
There's so many innovative uses for binder clips
outside of the office.
If you wanna avoid a tangled mess
when storing your earphones, take a binder clip
and place the earphones in the mouth of the clip
then carefully wrap the wire around the handles of the clip
and feed the jack through the opening.
Now, you can clip it onto your backpack
or just toss it in your travel bag.
Another method which is less likely
to damage the wiring over time is the devil horns technique.
Hold the earphones with your middle finger and ring finger
and wrap the wire around your index and pinky fingers
in a figure eight pattern.
Save the last bit of wire and wrap the end in the middle
and stick the headphone jack
through the loops that you just made to secure it.
This method is especially effective
because it doesn't require anything extra
to keep your earbuds from unraveling.
Plastic bags are an inexpensive packing organizer
and a great way to recycle.
Your shoes may be clean when you pack them for your trip
but probably not afterwards.
Pack several bags to keep clothes clean from dirty shoes
or wet items.
Like everything else,
water usually costs a lot more at airports.
You probably know by now
that you can't bring a full bottle through security
but there's no stopping you from cheating the system.
Grab yourself an empty water bottle or jug
and fill it up somewhere else
once you pass through security.
Yeah, it's pretty simply but having your own water bottle
ensures that you'll avoid the dehydrating effects
of flying and save money in the process.
Ever struggle with getting directions to a desolate area
without signal or Wi-Fi?
Use Google Maps offline by tapping by OK Maps
and the visible area within 10 miles
will save for future access.
Zoom in on a part of the map that you wanna save for later
then tap that search bar and just type in OK Maps.
Hit the Search button.
Once it's saved, you can access the map
even without a data connection.
It's way better than taking a screenshot
because your saved map let's you zoom in for greater detail.
Also, it works on both iOS and Android devices.
You should see a prompt indicating the map is downloading.
It'll take about 10 seconds
depending on the size of the map you've selected
and the speed of your connection.
Wait for the message that says
the onscreen map area has been cached and you're good to go.
One of the challenges you might face when traveling
is keeping your clothes from getting bent out of shape
or flattened in your luggage.
Keep your shirt collar stiff by rolling up a belt
and placing it in the neck opening of your shirt
right before you pack it in the suitcase.
This simple solution will keep your collar crisp
and give you the perfect place to pack your belt.
Now, here's a fun one.
You can use a pen spring to protect chargers
from bending and breaking.
If you've never broken a laptop or phone charger
then you're as rare as a unicorn.
For everyone else, this probably looks familiar.
Remove the spring from a pen
and carefully stretch it out just a bit.
Attach the spring near the end of the connector
and roll it into the cable.
It's that simple.
For phone chargers, simply repeat this process
for both sides.
When you're packing for a trip,
it's easy to forget a few things
such as your charging block for your gadgets
or perhaps there are no more available outlets
where you're staying.
Usually, the televisions in your hotel
will have a USB slot in the back of the TV
and they're gonna be capable of charging your devices.
Give it a shot.
When you're traveling especially with kids,
eating fast food is not always the best option.
Next time, turn a craft organizer
into a customizable snack pack.
These containers are a great option
for feeding nutritionally balanced meals while on the go.
The dividers can easily be moved around
to accommodate whatever you would like to add to their meal.
Pack 'em with a crunchy snack or fruits, veggies,
drinks, whatever you want.
They're easily accessible, stack and store conveniently.
They also double as a tray table.
Traveling for spring break,
placing your toiletries in a sealed bag will help a bit
but they can still get squished and explode.
This can happen due to air pressure changes on the airplane.
Now, you can prevent this easily by removing the cap
and giving the bottle a little squeeze
to let out any extra air
then add a small amount of plastic wrap
and pull it tightly over the opening.
Once it's secure, screw the cap back on.
For extra protection, store 'em in a Ziploc bag
and tuck 'em in the corner of your suitcase
where there's more cushion.
Now, you can keep your toiletries where they belong,
in their bottles.
A huge thanks to Audible for supporting our video.
They're the perfect solution for long car rides or flights.
They have an amazing selection of audiobooks,
shows, comedy and a lot more.
So if you're hopping on a flight
or stuck in the car on a long trip,
just pop on your favorite author or genre
and make that trip a breeze.
If you head over to audible.com/household,
you can get a 30 day free trial.
Just sign up, download a title of your choice
and start listening right away.
I've been listening to Smarter Faster Better
by Charles Duhigg.
It's an awesome book that'll hack your brain
and completely change the way you think about life,
the universe and well, everything.
Just go to audible.com/household
and check it out for yourself.
It's that easy.
Thank you all so much for watching.
Remember, we love hearing from you
so please post your own travel tips in the comments.
You can also click that Subscribe button
for more videos just like this in the future.
We'll see you next time.
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10 Incredibly Useful Travel Hacks to Save you Time and Money

265 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on July 17, 2019
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