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-Dino just dumped me.
-Out of nowhere.
And one day we're talking about getting a... a starter dog,
Then he breaks up with me?
-It's just... out of nowhere? -Okay.
-Siobhan, listen, we are putting down our work,
I am getting us a bottle of wine,
And you and I are getting drunk, okay?
-Are you sure? You have that review later--
-Oh, screw my review, I'm your best friend.
-Best work friend.
-And that's what friends are for.
-Oh, thank you. I feel so much better.
-Oh, that is what friends are for. [phone goes off]
-Ugh, it's from my friend Dara from the deli.
She got in a fight with her husband Dean from the deli.
-Oh, no.
-Gimme a sec.
Dara, I am getting in my car, I am grabbing some wine, and we are getting drunk.
-Wait, wha-- -Bye, babe.
-Aren't you already drunk?
-Hey, Sarah! Listen, it's Cassia from Girl Scouts in the eighties.
I saw your post. I know you're hurting.
So I've got a bottle of wine and we are getting drunk, okay?
Call me back with your home address.
Katie, how was your drive in this morning?
-Look, I don't want to do this.
-What, I'm just asking about your drive! Don't be weird.
-Okay, fine. It was a little trafficy--
-So Katie, we are dropping everything,
I've got a bottle of wine,
And we are getting drunk!
-The fuck...
-Look, it's fine. I've got a bottle of wine.
-I don't actually need it, thank you.
-It's fine. Yes do you. -Mm-mm. No, this is all good.
-Ah, shit.
-Mike, it's gonna be fine.
-Okay, it already is fine.
-Well, we are getting a bottle of wine.
-And we are getting drunk.
-Stupid pen.
-Okay, we are getting you a bottle of--
-Let me guess?
-I got a bunch of good ones.
-Oh, how'd you get that tiny bruise on your finger?
-Oh, um...
Okay, if it's just us, then I will admit that I did slam my finger in--
[muffled] -I'm here for you, Mike!
I was in another crisis, but I'm coming for you buddy!
I got a bottle of wine!
Your friend is here for you!
-Okay, Siobhan texted that she couldn't find the top to her Chapstick, so--
-This is an intervention.
You have a problem.
-You all... you all feel this way?
Sorry I... hurt you all.
So we'll get a bottle of wine and just--
-Hello! I'm Siobhan from CollegeHumor.
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Best Friends In Rom Coms Are All Alcoholics

220 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on July 17, 2019
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