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*epic music* gaming *burp* week. sucribre to jjacob8600 :)
say it with me.
*meme* gaming *review* week!
*9 year old's voice* "oh, he doesn't play enough games anym-"
starting off with the ultimate game of all time.
that's right.
*POP* i have not played minecraft properly in... ever.
*cue meatball giggles*
i played the game when it was in alpha.
that's right! Hipster Notch supporter!
i think a lot of it has changed.
i'm not sure.
let's just jump into it- why do I not have sound???
okay, so create a new world.
what should we name it?
good one!
here we go guys! :)
historical moment.
my first video ever was a minecraft video!
does it always take this long? (sadly).
here it is. oh... my...god!
after all these years.
i'm back in minecraft.
i have this ne...
is that a *christian channel* horse?!
that's a freaking horse! :0
can i ride it?
*GASP* OHHHH!!!!! (wow pewds)
*he looks so cute uwu*
look, it's tiny horse!
hello, tiny horse! (uwu)
this is amazing :)
i love minecraft *meatball giggles*
why are they sliding?
okay, bye bye horse!
So I have...
i got my outfit. (stream Beach Lasagna)
there it is! *giggles* yeah!!
bobs or vagana whate-- eyy!
*giggles* whatever will it be?
i don't really remember how you play- i think the first thing you do is chop down wood.
That's right. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. You definitely
chop down wood.
chop, chop, chop!
there we go. new recipe unlocked?
you know, i'm sort of a veteran. (oh, are you felix?)
i don't need you kids to tell me how to play minecraft.
i know how to play minecraft. (insert "get out of my room im playing miNECRAFT")
*scary zombies* oh, god. what was that sound?
oh, yeah! you have to build a-- AH! *more zombies*
you have to build a shelter before night.
that means we've got to get fire; that means we've got to build a door.
(irish accent) we've got a lot of things to build.
oh, god. *felix has an aneurysm*
is there anyone out there?
oh- that's not what i wanted to do...
alright, i got a lot of stuff. (exactly 24 oak planks)
so how do I build..
a twig? (•ิ_•ิ)
*mii channel music*
there it is! i got it! (eureka)
still got it bABy.
look at this, dude.
what else can I build?
oh my god, the crafting table! Σ(・口・)
i'm learning so much about science!!1!1
and stuff.. ┐('~` )┌
i'm already a Minecraft pro
and i've only played like half an-
(proceeds to fall in hole) aH!
Jesus.. *spooky zombie noises*
oKay- what is that?!
why is it so spooky? :(
*splish splash noises* AH!
i'm scared.. of minecra- (stream him playing the silent hill map)
i'll go back to the horses. (friendship is magic!)
alright, so where should we build ourrr...
first house?
this is nice, it's by the beach.
it's p r e t t y e p i c
yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh
here, we'll build it here.
this is perfect :)
what is T H A T (ಠ_ಠ? )
nani kore? (what's this?)
what is thaaat?
*gets scared by squid*
there's CAAAATTTS?!
alright, before we advance any further,
i must protect myself
now, i remember SOME things (me during an exam)
there it is
still got it
so how was a sword then?
sword was like..?
*confusion intensifies*
what is this... recipe
oh ok.. uhh
sword... oh it does it FOR you
let's get an axe as well
oh my god this is so EASY
kitty, get over-
hEY >:(
(irish accent part 2) don't you DARE hurt kitty
whatever you are
kitty, come here
what the HELL are you??
*testificate noise*
*laugh that clears my skin*
can i murder them?
wait lemme save...
alright, NOW let's murder the dude.
*intense killing*
he would rather DROWN HIMSELF than be with me... :(
*weird mating calls*
*he dead*
i'm a murderer!
what have i done!?
(immediately attempts murder again) can I kill you?
*nba level*
NOOOOOOO (zero deaths)
awwww... :(
i've already failed... (me when i see i don't know how to do the first question)
alright, now play seriously felix.
gOd dammit
speed run happening!!
*minecraft music starts playing* oh god the sombre moments..
the feelings are all coming back to me (ಥ﹏ಥ)
late at night after a party...
you had a good time.
but in reality..
you just wanted to go home and play minecraft :'(
and I stayed up all night.
digging D E E P down.
just to see what was that thing.
finally, a game that gave me adventure.
and made me f e e l, goddammit!
oh my god, why- this game is so anime. (´。• ᵕ •。`)
oh, i need a shovel; of course.
why is minecraft so a n i m e?
alright, i think we're ready to just, dig down.
so i wanna have like, the mine a little bit away from the home, right?
so here's- okay this is perfect :)
we'll just cut here.
sToNe aGe!
that means... you know what kids?
you make a stone goddamn pickaxe boi.
so now we can dig a lot faster >:)
*sims music*
e p i c.
goddamn, i need coal, don't i?
i need to find c o a l.
oh god, the sun is setting bois.
oh god, i need something to light up.
god damN iT
this is real bad ( ; ω ; )
pig, please. do something ಠ_ಠ
i can't even ride the pig, are you kidding me?
alright, coal. let's find c o a l.
ah perfect- (falls) oW
heRe. there should-
oh! woah-
tHERE! we found coal :)
alright- let's just be careful with the lava (o_O)
there it is. there's coal.
yesss (✯◡✯)
we're gonna LIVE!
what is this green bar?
i'm getting the coal, right? (yes, felix.)
goddamn, where- how deep does this go?
okay, we have coal!
which, of course, means we can make-
a torch :)
alright, let's be careful here with the lava.
can we build a bridge over the lava? :0
it's crossing it.
we're going to get d i a m o n d bois
that's the goal of this series >:)
is it hard to get diamonds? i don't really remember...
okay... we're going deeper... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i hear something... (marTy)
do i have a sword?
i do... (said no one ever when i propose)
i have a sword and i'm not afraid to use it, goddamnit (メ` ロ ´)
why do i-
*herobrine music*
why can i hEAR THEM
what- what is down there???
oh mY gOd, what is-
what is HAPPENING down there???
(a mob orgy felix)
there's a chest down there :0
*gasp* there's a chEST DOWN THERE
i gotta gET THE CHEST
we just gotta have a plan b- alright, what's the plan b then?
let's gO BROS
aHHHH fuUcCk nO
*inhale* HHHHH
*mating call*
awww look how cozy they have it over there ( ̄ヘ ̄)
loOk aT tHaT
god- *creeper*
*exhausted exhale*
i'll get my stuff back >:(
i'll get revenge.
those skeletons are gonna freAKING pay for what they did to me and my father >:(
ushten flabben
what is that fucking sound-
god *christian channel* DAMMIT
you're diSGUSTING (spider: why u bully me)
are there skeletons everywHERE? (yes felix, it's night)
why is the sun noT HELPING :(
oH LoOk, there's so much stuff!
spider: did u call me disguSTING
AHH- alright, alright, i've had enough >:(
i've had enough, i've had enough, i've had en-
horses, dO SOMETHING. (mom @ me & sibling)
god- dude, alright i'm digging a hole. (survival 101)
i'm digging a hole i'm done with this-
you can't hurt me in my hole! (x2)
you cAN'T HURT ME- godfu-
and so, the journey begins for felix kjellberg,
after returning years from minecraft,
to reclaim what was once his >:)
alright, i'll- i'll find that-
there's a freAKING CHICKEN
what up, chicken? (proceeds to attack it with a sapling)
cool, man. that's awesome.
so much has changed :(
so much has-
changed. *giggles*
here it is. (x2)
i'll find them.
and i'll kill them.
those bastards will pay for what they did to me...
they humiliated me...
but this time i come back, and i come back s t r o n g
stronger than i ever was, stronger that i ever thought i could be.
i'll kill all of them >:(
the sword, goddamnit, give it to me!
how do i build armor??
maybe i should build an armor first.
yeah yeah- i'll get armor.
i'm not strong enough yet, but i'm strong enough to know my limits >:)
but i got an egg from the- chicken.
i need coal, lots of it.
now we'll build the furnace; that's right.
did i build it, or what?
we can make- eYEroN
which we make from- iron ore.
and- chArcoAL.
what is this then? that's just coal -.-
well then how do you make CHARcoal?
from lava bucket? what?
JUNGLEwood; now what the- this is so coMPLICATED
oh- you can use different things.
oh, okay. 'kay 'kay 'kay, i got it.
i got it. (x4) i'm a genius.
i know how to play games for kids.
i'm gonna be SO goddamn strong-
alright, that's all i got.
that's right. and i-it's making it! it's making it! :)
it's melting! (x3) it's working!
yatta yatta yatta! (i did it! i did it! i did it!)
iron. i did an iron. it's no big deal.
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Minecraft Part 1

326 Folder Collection
鄭志鴻 published on July 15, 2019
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