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English sub by @kartiniputri13
Honest and Healthy Boy, BTOB
BTOB BEATCOM [Beatcom : BTOB's daily life = SitCom]
BTOB BEATCOM [Beatcom : BTOB's daily life = SitCom] (Yook-Maknae's Punishment Special)
SJ : Halo, I'm rookie (new) manager, Yook Sungjae.
SJ : I got this job in Cube Entertainment and got to be in charge of Artist Lee Changsub.
SJ : My first schedule today is Fansign.
SJ : I'll do my best.
(Cube Artist Lee Changsub) CS : How's today schedule?
(Cube Artist Lee Changsub)
SJ : Ilchi Art Hall!
SJ : Ilchi Art Hall! Basement 3!
SJ : Ilchi Art Hall! Basement 3! Or basement 2?
SJ : Today start at 8, right?
SJ : After the schedule finish, i have plan afterwards ^^.
SJ : After the schedule finish, i have plan afterwards ^^. CS : What?
SJ : 9...30. Hyung, you should finish at 10, ok?
CS : Necessary to say that you have another schedule?
(Shock and spechless)
SJ : Don't say words that makes me feel guilty.
SJ : Manager also have human rights. And they are human being too.
CS : Yaa! Then don't move!
SJ : Because the clothes have come, get your make up, wear the clothes and do your hair
SJ : I've prepared you Hot Americano
CS : I asked you the Iced one!!
SJ : Ah! I should manage my artist
SJ : ...SO I thought Ice Americano isn't good on cold day
SJ : No.. no.. Not that.
(Delivers a cup of Hot Americano)
(Ice Americano's taken) CS : Iced... Ice Americano.
(Ice Americano's taken and drunk by him)
CS : I'm going to fire you when this day end.
SJ : Thank you >o< (I'm done after today anyway >o
SJ : These are your clothes, right?
CS : Yap... bring to the trunk.
CS : Don't make it wrinkle! Hang in the trunk nicely!!
SJ : Okay.
(Bringing hyung's clothes and walk slowly till arrive to the car)
# In the car
# In the car SJ : Let's go. / CS : Drive safely.
# In the car
SJ : Hyung-nim~ you're really handsome today ❤
CS : What? / SJ : Hyung-nim really handsome./ CS : Thanks.
CS : Hey, shut up! I'll sleep until we arrive, wake me up then.
SJ : NO! No! / CS : Why no?
SJ : No. You'll bloated. Wanna look good in front of fans, don't you?
SJ : And since this has no a lot of distance.
SJ : ...If you sleep now You won't be focus.
SJ : I'll do U-Turn
(Freedom of rock paper scissors winner v^-^v)
(Driving safely along the road: Yook-Manager ^^)
# Arrive
# Arrive SJ : Watch out. Get away.
# Arrive
(Protection mode on even at the stairs) SJ : Foot.. One.. Two.. One.. Two..
(Protection mode on even at the stairs) SJ : Be careful. / CS : No need! I can walk by myself!
CS : Just go in right away? / Staff : Yaa Just go in right away.
SJ : If you're in I stay here? / CS : Yes. Don't peep.
(Protection mode on even in the toilet) CS : Go.... Just wait.
(Protection mode on even in the toilet) SJ : I should!
SJ : How's the pee color? Good??
CS : Neon. / SJ : Neon? / CS : Ya.
SJ : I think you're lacking on sugar... / CS : No. I've took vitamin today.
(Two choding never changes...) [T/N : Choding = elementary kid, childish]
# Fansign Event is Starting SJ : Changsub-ssi... Please come in~
# Fansign Event is Starting
CS : Thow this straw away! Quick!!
SJ : Sorry, for artist;s health issue...
(Manager who have strong will for not letting the artist drink an Ice Americano) SJ : ...I don't think you should drink the Iced on cold day.
(Manager who have strong will for not letting the artist drink an Ice Americano) SJ : Let me drink instead. / CS : Nooo.
(Manager who have strong will for not letting the artist drink an Ice Americano)
(Manager who have strong will for not letting the artist drink an Ice Americano) CS : Just stay away!
(Manager who have strong will for not letting the artist drink an Ice Americano)
SJ : Thank you.
SJ : Handshake. Handshake.
SJ : Thank you.
CS : Do it faster! The gift...
Fans : Cute..... cute........
CS : You should pick it if fall.
SJ : Flipped. It's flipped!!!! / Fans : Noo...
SJ : The picture's is printed upside down(?).
CS : It's purposely like that.
(Working hard but over)
(Day one working but over) CS : Get a hold of yourself! Focus!
(Day one working but over)
(Working hard in putting on headbands)
(Working hard in putting on headbands) SJ : Thank you.
(Working hard in putting on headbands)
CS : Hey, she want you use this. / SJ : No, I can't. Thank you.
(Seob-artist want to see Yook-manager wear it but he can't be persuaded)
(Trying again)
SJ : What did you say? Thank you.
SJ : I hope you're happy.
(Everyone think he go to toilet but in fact Yook-manager asking "Yook Sungjae" song to be played).
CS : What song is this?
CS : Why is this song?
(He sat next to the artist and sang now)
(Sleeps for a second)
CS : Okay. Thank you.
(Are you so tired on your first day, Manager-nim?)
SJ : What? Boiler?
SJ : Boiler, boiler.
SJ : Making condensing.
SJ : I guess Changsub hyung sang this song
SJ : so that Melody would have a warm winter, right?
SJ : Because he kept on looking for a boiler. (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
SJ : Boiler, boiler~~
SJ : Making condensing.
CS : Aaaaah! Don't hit me. That's alive, you jerk.
SJ : Hello!
# Fan signing event is over
CS : Where did Sungjae go?
CS : Escort me!
CS : Everyone, I have to go.
CS : Get a hold of yourself!
CS : Everyone, stay well.
CS : Great job today.
CS : Goodbye everyone. I'm going now.
CS : Bye!
SJ : Changsub ssi? / CS : Yes.
SJ : You need to go to dance practice at 10 pm.
SJ : But I have plans at 10 pm.
SJ : so I think you can go on your own.
CS : What are you saying? You need to take me there.
SJ : You're not giving me a bonus?
CS : What bonus? If you lost in rock-paper-scissors, be quiet..!!
CS : While thinking that you did perfectly what you lost.
SJ : I thought that you'd give me money for dinner but don't you be so mean?
CS : I don't have my wallet.
CS : I can't give it to you. / SJ : Oh, even though I'm smiling..
SJ : I am crying..
SJ : Great job!
SJ : I am going to quit now.
CS : Hey! Give me my clothes and leave.
SJ : I'm going to quit now. I'm quitting being a manager now.
CS : Hey! Where are you going?
SJ : Bye! / CS : Where are you going?
(Without hesitation, Yook manager got out and left to meet his friends ^^;)
# Day of washing car
Finally, the day got nicer,
so the bet I made with Changsub hyung..
I finally came to get the car washed.
It was last winter. But it was so cold but we said to do it when the whether is nice..
so I got to do it now.
Let's start washing the car ^_^
Spray evenly on top and bottom with jet gun.
Okay! It's simple!
(Puts in the coin and starts the last punishment - washing car)
I did this before.
I am good, right?
Don't I have the feeling?
(It looks like you're having fun)
Master of living.
(What a hardworking boy ☺☺)
You saw it, right?
I went to a car wash place with my dad long time ago.
These lights are important.
Lights are important for a car.
(Are you okay?)
Since I was born, I was a person with skills.
The more you don't get wet on your clothes, the better you are.
Nice, nice!
It's clean!
It's so clean!
High skills! x2
Control of strong and weak.
Look! Compare half and look at this side. This side.
[Good joob. Clap! Clap! Clap!]
[Look at his back that is working hard]
[Focus on the youngest's feet]
High level skills! High level skills! High level skills!
[#Wrapping up]
Roll up the windows. The windows.
It's 7,000 won. 7,000 won.
7,000 won.
It went from black to pearl black. Pearl black.
I think it's done.
It is really clean right now. (Thanks to Yook!)
Lastly, wash the towel that you cleaned with..
[Lastly, he washes the towel that he wiped the windows with]
[Our youngest washes it without a murmur]
I think that the dirt is coming from the washboard.
(Sungjae ya, aren't your hands cold?)
Changsub hyung's neck (ㅋㅋㅋ)
Changsub hyung's neck.
When Changsub hyung comes out on vacation, you go pick him up with this?
[There was a sad news] This is the last for this car.
It's end next week. The car is going to change.
(Laugh in disbelief)
[He was going to show off to Changsub..] [But the car lease ends next week]
We washed BTOB's Carnival today.
It's a friend who was with us for a very long time.
They say that they're going to change to a different car because the lease is end next week.
I can't believe that they told me this after I finished washing the car
Anyway, you worked hard, too.
Make sure you tell Changsub hyung.
What is it? The 12 hour show, too.
- Manager. - Daily manager. - Daily manager.
Even the car wash, I finished all three of the bets.
I am a person who keeps his words. (Such a trustworthy man ^_^)
When Changsub hyung comes out on vacation, I will say it again.
Thank you for waiting for a long time and I finished all of my punishments.
(Clap! Clap! Clap!) (I am so proud of you!)
[What do we need to say..] [Please give a round of applause to the youngest who worked hard]
[We will try to stop from the 12 hour show bet.. If he tried to do it..]
English sub by @kartiniputri13
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113 Folder Collection
吳新星 published on July 12, 2019
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