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  • Fear is really the primary motivation

  • for the ignorance that we have in our society.

  • And everybody is afraid to risk their employment.

  • I'd never had an experience like that before

  • in a work situation.

  • I was always respected at work.

  • The dirty secret in nursing is...

  • nurses eat their young.

  • Well, I'm not young.

  • And I'm very seasoned.

  • I felt like there was something wrong with me.

  • I wasn't being bullied.

  • But it was happening all around me.

  • I'm Dr. Victoria Johnson,

  • and I had a supervisor.

  • Her style was to terrorize people.

  • People often came out of those meetings crying.

  • My first effort was to talk to this person and to say,

  • "People are really very nervous when you talk to them."

  • And her statement to me is,

  • "Why do you care?"

  • After I stood up for them,

  • I got to see what workplace bullying feels like.


  • Victoria is now part of a movement to make workplace bullying illegal.

  • I was betrayed by the very country that I served.

  • I was harassed, I was threatened...

  • My job was threatened.

  • It was traumatizing

  • to the point that you wind up having physical symptoms.

  • You're no longer the confident professional

  • that you thought you were.

  • You'd be working and she'd say,

  • "I'm sorry, but this isn't working."

  • "You need to start looking for another job."

  • This was every day!

  • I don't live my life feeling that all I worry about is myself.

  • We just got legislation introduced

  • so now we have a tool that we can use

  • to make sure that other people don't go through

  • what we have all gone through.

  • I'm not the kind of person that sits down and says,

  • "Someone should do something about this!"

  • I'm the person that does it.

  • I am Victoria, and I am moral courage.

Fear is really the primary motivation

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