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The results from the National College Entrance Examination,
or NCEE, will be released today.
Candidates and their parents are both nervous and excited
to see the results of this highly-watched national test.
So, how do exam candidates and their parents view the NCEE?
For me, the NCEE is the easiest way to change my path in life, my future.
And what's your opinion?
My parents aren't rich, so the NCEE is my only chance.
My wish is for my granddaughter to make something of herself and become successful.
Nowadays, without a college degree,
your only work option is physical labor,
and that makes for a hard life.
It's no way to live. Really.
It's important to graduate from a good university.
When you do, you have better starting salaries, benefits and all.
The competition is so intense they won't even interview without a college degree.
You know what? My son got over 600 on the NCEE!
Wow! Your son got over 600!
That's a really good score!
go online to see if your score is already posted.
What? The scores are up?
Your brother works at the Education Bureau,
so you know.
Hey, the bus is here.
- Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! … - No, it's not up yet.
Oh, okay.
Hey, call me as soon as you get your score.
Please don't forget!
Fine, I won't.
You already told me three times.
You usually have good grades,
so I'm not worried!
Don't forget to call me!
Mrs. Xu, are you checking again?
Very soon the results will be out.
Don't worry.
Jiarui's is usually first or second in her class.
For the NCEE, she'll be fine!
Of course she'll be fine!
I'm ready to congratulate her!
Once she's admitted to college,
we'll celebrate!
You'll all be invited.
I hope so!
- You sure will! - Well, you know,
we might have two things to celebrate!
The sales manager position is open, right?
In terms of qualification and performance,
I can't think of a better candidate than Mrs. Xu!
- Right? - Don't be so sure.
Office meeting!
Please allow me
to introduce our new sales manager, Li Jiaqi.
Hello, everyone.
Oh, the new sales manager!
I hope you'll all assist her in her new duties.
I look forward to learning from you all.
Alright. That's all. Let's get back to work.
Mm. Okay.
Mrs. Xu.
Take Ms. Li and show her around.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Let's start this way.
Hey! Hey! Yuehua! Yuehua! Come here! Come here!
You know what?
The new sales manager they promoted started working here 2 years ago.
- And she's already promoted to sales manager! - Right.
Li Jiaqi has a pretty good performance record,
but not quite as good as Mrs. Xu.
But I've heard she graduated from a renown university.
Oh, that's why.
Mrs. Xu definitely has the ability,
but she only has …
she only has a 2-year degree.
Against someone from a prestigious university,
she can't measure up.
Yeah, you know,
this is preferential treatment.
Now I really understand what they mean when they say
"To be a scholar is to be at the top of society."
- Oh, knock it off! - Stop showing off!
Just stop it, will you?
- Oh, she comes. - Hey, didn't you have a client appointment?
Oh, right, right, right.
Mrs. Xu.
Hey, Jiarui,
did you get your score?
With the release of the NCEE results,
comes a new group of NCEE champions.
The top scorers in arts and sciences from Hebei Province
come from Hengshui High School.
We have heard that these two champions have already been invited for extended visits…
Turn it off.
…at Peking University and Tsinghua University on June 22.
More details, after the break.
You must get into a prestigious university.
That's the only way you'll have a good future.
I don't want to retest.
Excuse me?
I don't want to.
Do you know what you're saying?
The future of our family depends on you, my child.
Do you know that?
Your father and I,
we work ourselves to the bone for your education,
so you can get into a good university,
so you can have a good future,
and now you don't want to retest?
You're such a disappointment!
Alright, enough.
Let's finish dinner, now.
she missed the prestigious university by two points.
There's nothing wrong with her going to a regular university.
You think she'll get the same out of that?
Decent companies,
they don't even consider regular university graduates.
That's just how it is in China.
Officials and rich people run everything.
Our family,
we don't have money or power.
Unless you get into a good college,
you'll spend your life working hard for someone else,
and you'll be bullied and oppressed forever!
Do you get that?
Look at your cousin Xu Tao.
If she hadn't made it into a prestigious university,
would she be so successful today?
"Those who toil with their minds govern,
and those who toil with their hands are governed."
If you want to find a decent job in the future,
if you want to be respected,
you have to test into a good college!
It's the only way to change your future!
The only thing you want is for me to get in a good college.
Have you ever thought about what I want?
All these years, I haven't dared going after what I want and pursuing my own dreams.
I've been living like a studying machine, and I've done everything you asked me to do.
I'm not just a puppet you can play with!
I will not take the test again.
I'll become a street sweeper if that's what I want.
Don't speak to your mother like that.
Who do you think you are?
You think you're all grown up?
- Alright, calm down. - I can't believe her!
Finish dinner.
I can't.
I can't let her do that.
Come on,
let's get to work.
We have to finish everything today.
Everyone, come get some water!
Here you go.
Quick, come have some water!
Jiarui isn't cut out for this work.
Go tell her to come drink,
she'll wear herself out.
don't worry about that.
Let's see how long she'll last.
Yeah, mom.
Wenhui knows what she's doing.
My sweet girl,
don't be stubborn with your mom.
She only wants what's best for you.
Get a good education,
so that you can get a job that isn't so hard.
Don't end up like your grandma.
I've had to work in the fields under the sun
from dawn to dusk, every single day.
It's very hard.
Do you understand?
Let's get to work!
Look at you. You're not cut out for work like this.
Come on.
I'll take a retest …
Now, parents,
the number of students taking the NCEE test exceeds 9 million annually.
It's an army of high school students trying to cross a wooden bridge.
A difference of one point can determine your child's fate.
As parents, we all want a bright future for our children,
and what we have to do
is get our children into prestigious universities,
to give them a stepping stone on their way to an outstanding career.
So this final exam is very important.
Students with the best scores
will be moved, next semester, to the gifted class.
The gifted class is taught by the school's best teachers.
Its annual college entrance rate is almost 100%,
and half the students will enter prestigious universities.
So, if you want your children to be admitted to a prestigious university,
I hope you'll all work closely with us to get your children the best …
don't you have work today?
Come here.
I quit my job.
From now on,
we'll practice every day.
you know you shouldn't stay up all night.
I'm fine.
I'll just take some medicine.
I know my body.
You're as competitive as ever.
You want Jiarui to become a successful woman,
and I understand that.
But we have to remember
that our fates aren't in our own hands.
There's nothing wrong with having big dreams,
but whether they come true or not,
that's not up to us.
I used to believe in destiny.
But then I started believing in God.
Through reading God's word,
I began to understand some of the truth
and see fate clearly.
People's fates are in God's hands,
and that's a fact.
Our fates are preordained by God.
People say, "Our fates are decided by Heaven,"
and that's absolutely right.
But does everyone who says that believe in God?
Not necessarily.
Right, whether you believe in God,
once people live in the real world for a time,
they all start saying things like that.
That proves that
"Our fates are decided by Heaven"
is a true statement.
"Our fates are decided by Heaven," it's true.
It's completely right, and I believe it too.
But people have to work their hardest.
When it comes to our kid's education,
it's our duty as parents to encourage and push them.
I think that
people have to do their best in every situation,
and work hard in the right direction.
Even if you don't reach your goal,
you'll have no regrets,
because you gave your all.
As parents, we should do our best to meet our responsibilities toward our children,
but we don't have the final say
on how they will end up.
If you believe in God
and read God's word,
you'll understand the truth and see more clearly.
Once we learn to "do everything in our power and leave the rest to Heaven,"
our lives become very relaxed.
When you recognize that our fates are decided by Heaven,
you'll know how to fulfill your responsibilities.
No matter what might happen,
you'll be grateful to God.
You won't blame Heaven.
You're absolutely right.
When you understand the truth, you can see clearly.
It's good to believe in God.
Hey, Xinping,
do you think you could loan me a book to read?
I'd like to know how to believe in God,
and how understanding the truth benefits people.
Once I understand it, I'll start believing.
Yes, this evening,
I'll bring you the book.
Xinping, the director wants to see you.
About what?
It's about your sabbatical.
Sure, no problem.
I'll be right there.
Hey, Xinping,
when will you be back from your sabbatical?
In about 6 months.
Take better care of yourself.
I will.
We'll know in which class Jiarui's gonna be next month, right?
Ah, yes.
Let me do that.
Director Pan, from our mine …
The fat one?
To get his son into the gifted class,
he paid a bribe to a connection.
I heard he paid tens of thousands.
Do you …
you think we should try that?
I can work overtime in the mine, make more money.
Let's not be sneaky like that.
Mrs. Chen assured me,
Jiarui's grades are good,
she just needs help in physics.
Once she starts with tutoring,
the gifted class won't be an issue.
But the tutoring is a little expensive.
Teachers these days,
they skip important things in class,
so they can charge extra for tutoring lessons.
That's what we've come to.
it's a corrupt society,
and life without power or status is very hard.
If Jiarui can't get into a good college,
she won't have a good future.
But the fees for the retest are so expensive,
and the college tuition after that.
We don't have enough to cover that.
I'll work overtime in the mines,
make extra money.
Maybe you will earn more money, but it's also dangerous.
It's fine.
I'll be very careful.
You know,
if Jiarui can have a better future,
working a little harder is worth it.
Yes, that's true, but I just …
You know, what would be perfect for me if I could turn into a fish.
Jiarui, Xiaomeng.
Here's the material for physics class.
The teacher wanted you to have it.
I heard the physics part of the test is the hardest it's ever been.
Your grades are so good,
and even you think it's hard?
- Yeah! Aren't you taking some tutoring lessons too? - This is ridiculous! Yeah!
Hey, you guys know how demanding her mom is with her all the time.
Just thinking about this gives me a headache.
Jiarui, are you okay?
Why do you look so pale?
Hey, just relax,
I know how to handle this.
- Tell us how! - Here.
Just do the test with this little paper.
- Oh! The answers! - Cheating?
Isn't this bad?
Hey, everybody cheats on important college tests,
so what's wrong with a little extra help?
- Yeah, that makes sense. - And so,
if everyone else cheats and we don't,
we're just missing out, right?
just get the high score,
no matter what it takes.
That's right.
Now look, that's how you do it.
Your teacher won't notice it.
Give it here!
Come to my office.
Hey, you're home.
Mom! Mom!
What are you … what … what's wrong?
She'll tell you.
Mom, my classmates were …
What happened?
My …
Some of my classmates were cheating, so I—
I can't stop other people from cheating.
You're my daughter,
and I forbid you from doing immoral things like this!
You need to rely on your ability.
People who cheat always get caught in the end.
But I …
I was afraid I wouldn't get in the gifted class, so …
There's no excuse for cheating!
You can obviously get in with your grades.
Why were you cheating?
Now the entire school knows you cheated.
It's such a disgrace!
Now you aren't qualified to enter the gifted class.
How will you get into a good school?
All you care about is me getting into a good college.
Do you care about anything other than my grades and my college test?
What's wrong with the gifted class?
What's wrong with wanting you in a good college?
Hey, don't lose your temper …
Why can't you be just like Lin?
She studies hard and gets first place in every test,
but you?
You prefer cheating over learning!
You're a total disappointment!
You always think other people's kids are better than me,
that I'll never be anything!
If you like her so much, why don't you just have her as your daughter!
Jiarui, where are you going?
Are you okay?
Wenhui …
- Mom! - Wenhui …
I'm sorry.
I want you in the gifted class,
but that's not the way to do it.
You have to rely on your ability.
People say, "Honesty surpasses prowess."
It's important that you always stay honest
so that people respect you,
do you understand?
Come here, sit down.
I'm strict with you,
and I know that it's hard for you.
You know,
your father and I both came from poor families.
College was not an option.
Our only option was menial labor for others.
I don't want you to go through that.
That's how things are in Chinese society.
For people like us, with no status,
you don't know how hard it is to find a regular job,
you don't know how long you'll keep the job for.
To keep your job,
you have to give your boss a gift at every holiday.
I'm being hard on you for your own sake.
If you don't work hard now,
you'll work much harder all your life.
you have to test into a good college.
It's the only way you'll escape that fate.
I understand.
Choir, choir,
c-h-o-i-r, choir.
Chord, chord, chord.
Chubby, chubby.
Plump, plump.
Thin, thin.
Circuit, circuit.
Hi, Wenhui?
Bad news,
Hongbin had an accident at the mine.
The doctor said his life might be in danger.
Come to the hospital right away.
A family needs to stop here!
- Will he be okay? - He's lost a lot of blood.
And his life is in danger.
Be prepared for the worst, but we'll try our best.
- Please, you have to save my son. - Get a blood transfusion ready!
Mom …
Please call Jiarui.
Tell her to come see her papa.
I'm afraid …
but Jiarui … she takes her test in two weeks!
If she learns about Hongbin's accident,
it will affect her focus!
Is her test more important than her father's life?
If anything happens to Hongbin …
Call her, or I will!
Mom, mom, we really can't call her right now.
If we do,
it could ruin everything Hongbin and Wenhui have been working for.
Mom …
Mom, don't be sad.
Hongbin …
it's a slow recovery.
The doctor said he needs to keep him …
- It'll take time. - Mom …
Oh, we'll talk another day, bye.
Mom, what's going on?
You look really tired.
Oh, I'm fine.
You did pretty well!
My teacher said if I just use my abilities,
I should test into a prestigious university.
Mom, why is dad working so much overtime lately?
Your dad said,
your test is soon,
don't be nervous,
and study hard.
Stay calm. Alright?
Stay focused and don't be nervous. OK?
don't be nervous, do what you normally do.
- Alright, I'm going in. - Okay.
don't rush through your test.
Be sure to double-check your answers.
I got it.
Dad! Dad, why didn't you tell me?
Jiarui, you're here.
Are you okay?
I'm alright.
Your mother has suffered more than anyone lately.
It's great!
You'll be released soon.
Jiarui, we'll know the results in a few days?
I'm sure this time, your score will be high enough.
did your score come out?
Did your …
Dad, mom,
I know you both love me very much,
and I know you've worried a lot and sacrificed a lot
so that I can have a better future.
Mom, you've always been very demanding with me,
but I've always known that no matter what you do,
you do it for my own good.
But, this love and care
are now forcing me to do something I don't want to do.
I really can't stand it anymore …
In the last two or three years,
I've been under too much pressure.
I've often felt headaches, nausea,
and a strange feeling of terror and anxiety.
I need it all to stop.
Living like this is too painful!
I've been suffering too much for a shapeless future.
Is this really worth it?
Mom, I'm tired!
I really, really just want to find a quiet place and sleep.
Dad, mom, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I couldn't live up to the dreams you had for your daughter.
Someone jumped into the water!
My poor Jiarui!
Your daughter is essentially out of danger.
Once she wakes up, we'll observe her a bit longer,
and if we don't find any abnormalities,
she can leave the hospital.
Thank you, doctor.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I'll never push you again …
How could this ever happen?
Jiarui, you're such a smart girl.
Why would you want to kill yourself?
I'm such a fool.
I don't even know my own daughter.
How could I have done something so stupid?
I never thought something like this would happen!
It's all my fault,
it's all my fault …
Don't blame yourself too much.
The world forced us to be this way.
This society is so dark and evil.
We only forced her to study
because we've suffered so much.
There's nothing wrong about that.
It's okay.
Jiarui is alright.
From now on,
let's just go with the flow,
let's not force her to study anymore.
you're awake!
I'm sorry.
I …
I didn't test into a prestigious university.
I don't care about prestigious universities.
I just want you to be healthy and be safe!
I'm sorry.
I've disappointed you again!
I can't forgive myself!
It's all my fault.
I didn't understand how you felt,
and I forced you to study.
I was wrong!
I was wrong!
I was wrong!
You want Jiarui to become a successful woman,
and I understand that.
But we have to remember
that our fates aren't in our own hands.
Hello? Xinping …
Hey, Xinyi.
This mountain resort your uncle opened seems very quiet.
we usually don't have any guests.
If you have time, bring Jiarui and visit us.
You'll feel better.
Xinping, you two talk,
I'll go check on Jiarui and Xiaoqing.
Up until now,
I believed that knowledge could change people's fate,
so I kept forcing Jiarui to study
because I wanted her to have a good future.
I never imagined
that I would make her want to die.
It's terrifying.
A lesson learned in blood!
Even though I knew that "Our fates are decided by Heaven,"
I was unconsciously fighting against fate.
- This clearly wasn't my daughter's fate. - Jiarui, come play with me.
But I insisted she take that test.
Wasn't I forcing her against her will?
If people don't believe in God,
who knows how many absurd things they'll do in their lifetimes?
Jiarui, Jiarui, Jiarui, look …
Jiarui is the only daughter I have.
I nearly sent her to her death.
How could I be so foolish and ignorant? So confused?
I think that
I must believe in God,
because I can't live in such confusion.
The last couple of days,
I've been reading The Word Appears in the Flesh,
the words are written so well.
They're very practical,
and I understand some truth after I read them.
I used to think
"One's destiny is in his own hand,"
"Knowledge can change your fate,"
it now seems to be wrong.
People's success and failure,
wealth and poverty, life and death
seem somehow mysteriously predestined,
and aren't in our control at all.
God dominates and manages these things.
Mm, that's right.
It all makes sense.
No matter what job people have,
or how tiring their lives are,
or how difficult,
what matters … what matters is spiritual fulfillment,
peace, and joy.
That's what true happiness is.
when it comes to Jiarui's education,
you've seen people's fates are determined by Heaven.
Can you now see the benefits of understanding the truth?
When we don't believe in God,
and live by satanic philosophy,
we suffer so much.
The suffering is endless.
If people can worship God, understand the truth,
if they can learn to pray and obey God,
then they walk on the right path in life.
When we read God's word every day,
we can understand more of the truth,
and then we can learn to obey and worship God,
and we will have God's guidance,
God's blessings and protection in all things.
What a great blessing!
People who don't believe in God,
who struggle against their fates
and pursue knowledge to change it,
they struggle in business, in society,
in politics also,
struggling just to survive,
and they often exhaust themselves, often at the risk of their lives,
finally they die like that.
Such a life is extremely exhausting.
When we read more of The Word Appears in the Flesh,
we learn how God controls the fates of mankind,
how God saves mankind,
and about the peaceful destination God has made for mankind.
Let's watch a video of readings of God's words.
Let's go sit.
Jiarui! Xiaoqing!
Let's watch a video.
Oh, okay.
These words are so profound.
It's amazing!
I've never heard anything like that.
It really is the voice of God!
No celebrity could say those things.
God's words really have authority!
All of God's words have authority and power.
They are different from people's words.
Those who can hear God's voice in God's words
are living people with spirits.
Who could reveal these truths and mysteries?
Only God Himself can reveal the mysteries of His sovereignty
and His command over the fates of mankind!
- Let's read more of God's words. - Alright.
Here, you read it.
After reading God's words,
do we have some understanding of the authority by which God dominates all things?
Think about it,
who could control the movements of the sun, moon, and stars?
Who could control the four seasons, the wind, rain, and snow?
Who could command the rise and fall of nations and peoples?
Who could dominate and arrange people's births, aging, sickness, deaths, and fates?
Only God.
Only God has such authority and power.
None of us have any control over things like our appearance,
the family we are born into, our job, our marriages,
how many kids we have,
how rich or poor we are,
or how long we live.
We have no control over that.
The fact is, all of these things,
they are preordained by God for each of us
before we are born,
and no one can change them.
Some parents are uneducated and don't have much culture,
but their children are brilliant and talented.
Some parents are highly intellectual,
smart and capable,
but their children are stupid and incompetent.
There are many such examples.
Many people have advanced diplomas,
but they can't find a good job,
and accomplish nothing with their lives.
But others have no education, power, or status,
but are still geniuses who become very successful.
There are many others with highly successful careers,
who are admired by everyone,
but who suddenly lose their lives to disease or disaster.
Examples like these prove that
people aren't in control of their own fates,
and that everything is ruled and preordained by God.
That's right.
No wonder people say
everything is controlled by destiny, and not by people.
It's actually true!
We don't realize that our fates are commanded by God,
instead, we wrongly believe "We can create our own happiness,"
and "Knowledge can change your fate."
We pay such a high price for this belief,
and suffer so much.
Some people may learn much knowledge,
but are they able to change their own fate?
Many officials and researchers
are advanced intellectuals.
They have status and position, and everyone admires them,
but do they all really have good futures?
Why do people want to be scientists, officials,
or even the president,
yet still feel empty and tormented?
Many people are trapped in the struggle for power, status, and wealth,
fighting against each other, getting ahead,
even causing some people to kill themselves or be killed.
Is that really the result they are looking for?
It is proven that no matter their knowledge or status in life,
no one can control their own fate,
because knowledge isn't the truth,
and can't be a person's life.
It's very dangerous when people pursue knowledge as the truth.
The fact is, the more knowledge we have,
the harder it is to accept the truth.
The more knowledge we have,
the more ambitious we are,
and the more tragic our endings become.
This is because people were created by God,
and people's fates, endings, and destinations
are all ruled and arranged by God.
No person can exceed God's authority or sovereignty.
This is the truth, and this is fact.
It's a shame so many people don't believe in God,
and don't know God's authority or sovereignty,
and instead want to rely on their own effort or on knowledge to change their fates.
What is people's goal when they pursue knowledge?
Isn't it simply to rise above others and stand out from the crowd?
It's to constrain others
or climb up by stepping on others.
Isn't that just people's arrogance and ambition?
Aren't those satanic dispositions?
So, you see,
this is Satan's arrogance,
the desire to command and control mankind,
and be equal with God.
And mankind is exactly the same.
This proves that mankind has been corrupted by Satan.
Corrupted mankind lives in sin,
but why don't people seek the truth?
Why not seek God's manifestation and work, and hope to receive God's salvation?
You know,
no matter how much suffering people endure,
if they can seek the truth,
there is hope for them to escape the torment of struggling in sin,
escape Satan's corruption, bondage, and constraints,
be completely saved by God, live in the light,
attain peace and joy,
and live out a meaningful life.
After we believe in God, read God's word, and understand the truth,
we understand God's omnipotence and sovereignty,
we turn to God and walk the right path,
after which we no longer struggle to change our fates,
we can escape the bondage and constraints of Satan's evil sayings and fallacies,
we no longer live by evil sayings like
"One's destiny is in his own hand,"
and "Knowledge can change your fate."
We are able to let go of our ambitions and desires,
accept and obey God's sovereignty and plans.
By "doing everything in our power
and leaving the rest to Heaven,"
we can avoid much of Satan's corruption.
When we're able to pursue the truth,
escape our satanic dispositions,
and live by God's words,
we gain God's approval and blessings,
and are brought into God's kingdom by Him.
Now we can see clearly
that pursuing knowledge can't change our fates at all.
Only by pursuing the truth
can we gain God's blessings and a beautiful destination.
Only the truth can change people's fates,
and become a person's life.
Accepting God's work,
and understanding and gaining the truth
is the only way to truly change our fate.
It's just as Almighty God says,
Yes, now I understand.
People's fates are ruled and arranged by God.
Whether people are poor or rich in their lives
was preordained by God long ago, and we can't change it.
Also, it's not enough to see that God rules over people's fates.
We also need to accept God's work and the truth.
That's … that's the only way to change our fates.
I couldn't see that clearly in the past,
so I pushed Jiarui to pursue knowledge.
I always thought knowledge could change her fate,
and that …
that made me do many foolish things.
It's better to believe in God!
If we read God's words,
we can understand the truth and see clearly,
and we won't struggle with fate anymore.
That way, we won't be so confused or troubled,
and living that way will be much easier.
Aunt Xinping,
after you read God's word,
you've been able to see so many things clearly,
so I think it's good to believe in God.
From now on, I want to believe in God too.
Then from now on, Jiarui can come …
Yes, I have the medicine.
Yes, I'm on my way now.
Okay, sure.
Hi, Wenhui!
Xu Tao?
- When did you get back? - A few days ago.
I was thinking about going to visit you!
Where are you going?
I'm on my way home.
Okay, I'll give you a ride!
- Sure! Let's go! - Let's go!
You've been gone for so long!
Yeah, I haven't seen you in so long!
I heard about what happened to Jiarui.
How is she doing now?
Much better.
She's much more optimistic.
That's good.
do you and Hongbin have any plans to send her to college?
We'll go with the flow.
Since she didn't get high scores,
a regular college will do just fine.
So she couldn't test into a prestigious school.
Corruption has become the norm at most universities in China.
Management is corrupt,
there's academic fraud, and plagiarism as well.
It's a waste of money.
She won't learn anything.