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- Hi, I'm Winona Ryder.
- And I'm David Harbour.
- I'm... who's another one?
- We're about to play fishbowl questions.
- No, we're about to dive in. - Let's dive in.
- Come on. - Oh, let's dive in.
- Which of the older siblings in the cast
would you pick as your IRL big brothers or sister?
- I would pick Joe as my big brother
and Natalia as my big sister.
- I would pick Joe as my big brother
and Maya as my big sister.
- I would choose--
God, guys.
I would choose--
- Charlie and you are both English.
- Yeah, that's very true.
Okay, I would choose Charlie as my big brother.
Can I do Priah as a younger? - Yeah, you can do that.
Okay, all right, I'll do that.
- Oh wait, then I'll do Priah too.
And Maya and Joe and Charlie.
- So the whole cast. - And David Harbour
and Winona Ryder perhaps. - The whole cast.
Who wouldn't survive a real life
episode of 'Stranger Things'?
- I think Caleb and Gaten and Millie would last long.
I think I would die pretty fast.
I would like to think-- - Millie would last long?
- I think if she was-- here's my thing.
I think if I was by myself,
I would die.
If I was with a good group
where I'm kinda
holding onto them. - You're not doing anything.
You're just relying on them.
- Exactly.
So if I can rely on good people.
- So you wouldn't survive? - You would last long.
- I would not survive if I was by myself is the answer.
- Which celebrity would actually play
a really good Demogorgon?
- Demagorgon.
- Well, you don't see his face,
it's just in the suit,
so it's only-- - But if I could work with it.
- Bruce Willis.
- Leonardo DiCaprio.
- What? Why?
Give a reason.
You can't just say a famous person.
- Because I want to see his face every day
when I walk onto set preferably.
- I wanna see Bruce Willis because I wanna see him
take off the mask and go, "Ooh, it's a hot one today."
- Who's really-- I'd say Finn.
- Zendaya. - Finn's really--
lanky. - [Millie] Yeah, grangley.
- Grangley?
- I'm sorry. - It's lanky, first of all.
- Describe season three in emojis.
- The firework emoji.
- The kissing emoji.
- I would say the sad emoji.
- If you had to play someone else's character,
who would it be and why?
- I would love to play either Steve or Dustin
because they're both funny,
and I like to be funny onscreen
and they have a lot of fun.
- I would like to play Joyce Byers
because I would like--
- She's the queen mama.
- She is the queen mama.
- I would like to play
Joyce, Eleven, Dustin. - Why would you
wanna play Eleven?
- I like all those roles.
Because Eleven's a freak.
- And she has superpowers.
- ♪ She is a freak of the week ♪
- What have you stolen from the 'Stranger Things' set?
- I took a bunch of underwear,
but that's really it.
- I took a lot of socks.
- I've thought about stealing things and never have.
I'm a good boy.
- Oh, pfft.
- Oh my god.
- See?
I've stolen stuff
from other productions. - Blow it up your old wazoo.
- I've stolen stuff from other productions.
- What is your prediction for how 'Stranger Things'
will officially end?
- I think--
Don't put it back in the bowl.
- I think someone really--
I feel like Eleven's gonna die.
- All right. Whatever you want, mate.
- [Finn] I think that's not cool.
- [Noah] I feel like that's a good ending.
- That's a good ending?
- Just Eleven dies. - I would love it to just be
a happily ever after.
- And Eleven dies.
The end.
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Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard & Noah Schnapp Answer 'Stranger Things 3' Questions

332 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on July 9, 2019
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