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It is Friday, in case you weren't aware.
Which means it's time for Thank GIF it's Friday.
It's far out, man, far out.
Here's the first one.
"Me when I heard Ellen was renewed for three more years."
Thank you.
Here's the next one, "Ellen when she
heard she was renewed for three more years."
[APPLAUSE] All right.
Here's another one.
"That moment you realize those weren't regular brownies."
Here's the next one, "when Postmates shows up
and you're not wearing pants."
Here is another one, "when you hear there's
cake in the break room."
Here's one more, "when you hope no one notices
it's laundry day."
You get it, Andy?
Yeah, I get it.
You're not--
Like that's all you had to wear.
And so--
We got it.
We can take--
Like there was nothing else.
And then you had to wear it.
What, you want me to take it down?
Oh, I just got to make sure people see it.
Did you enjoy wearing that outfit?
Oh, I loved it.
Oh, I loved it.
That's great.
How do your boys feel when they see you like that?
Are they proud of their daddy?
They're about to be humiliated for three more years.
Three more years of humiliation.
All right, if you see a GIF you think I should see,
please send it to me.
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Ellen Celebrates 3 More Years During 'Thank GIF It's Friday'

231 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on July 9, 2019    Karen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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