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  • Improvement Pill here.

  • How do you read a book a week?

  • As cliché as it sounds we all know that people who read succeed.

  • I mean look at the numbers.

  • Eighty-five percent of millionaires read at least two books per month while 25 percent of the entire American population hasn't even read a single book all of last year.

  • So what's the best way to actually get yourself to start reading and at a good pace so that you can succeed, too.

  • Well, you can basically guarantee that you'll read a book a week by taking advantage of three psychological tricks.

  • The first is something called implementation intention, basically setting an appointment.

  • See, the biggest problem when it comes to reading is actually getting started.

  • So many people buy books that they're interested in and say to themselves, "Oh I'll definitely read this."

  • And guess what?

  • The book just sits there on their shelf never to be touched again.

  • By physically writing down the time and place of when you'll start reading a book, you're essentially setting up an appointment to do so.

  • And think about it we don't really miss our appointments.

  • When was the last time you completely skip a job interview or a visit to your doctor?

  • Sure, you might have been late.

  • But when you set an appointment, you know that you have to show up and you usually do.

  • The second psychological trick to reading a book a week is to use what's called chunking.

  • Basically breaking down a big task into smaller ones.

  • One of the main reasons people start reading books and never finish is because the task seems way too big.

  • It feels like we can't do it.

  • Just take a look at the average non-fiction book which is about 200 pages long.

  • How long do you think it takes to read that entire thing in one sitting.

  • You're probably thinking 10, 15 hours maybe.

  • Well, in reality that average human can read a 200-page book in about five hours.

  • Which means you really only have to spend 45 minutes a day reading.

  • Which probably counts to just a chapter or two.

  • So instead of saying, "Okay, I'm gonna read tomorrow right after lunch at home."

  • It's much more effective to say, "Okay, I'll read the next chapter tomorrow after lunch at home."

  • When you break down a book to its chapters and even further to its subsections which most non-fiction books have, then your brain will no longer see it as a huge obstacle that you have to overcome.

  • Instead of thinking, "Oh my god, this is gonna take forever."

  • You'll think, "Ah, that's easy, I can definitely do that."

  • And finally, the last psychological trick to reading a book a week is to use what's called temptation bundling.

  • Basically taking a task that you don't enjoy that much and attaching it to something that you really really enjoy.

  • For example, you can tell yourself that after every chapter or subsection of a chapter you read you're gonna reward yourself with the next episode or the next segment of that TV show you love watching.

  • By doing this just a couple of times, it will actually start to feel good to read.

  • Because your brain will start to associate it with something very pleasurable.

  • It's gonna think, "Wow, every time I read a chapter or subsection, I feel great after."

  • And what you might find is that you actually start to read more chapters than you need.

  • By combining all of these three tricks, you'll end up with something like this.

  • Okay, tomorrow after lunch at home, I'll read the next chapter of my book.

  • And for every chapter I read, I get to watch the next segment of the new episode of Game of Thrones.

  • Try this out and I guarantee that you'll find yourself reading a lot more.

  • This episode was brought to you with the help of the guys at audible.

  • Studies have actually found that listening to audio books is just as good as reading physical books.

  • Which is why I actually recommend using audible.

  • Audible allows you to listen to your books whenever and wherever you want.

  • Which makes it even easier to read a book a week.

  • Go to or text the word improvement Pill to 500500 to get a 30-day free trial right now.

  • This will give you one free audiobook plus two free audible originals every single month.

  • That's three books for the price of one.

  • One of the books I recommend you guys to listen to is High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.

  • Which talks about six very powerful habits that will change your life.

  • Trust me, it's a very interesting read.

  • Besides that guys, stay tuned.

Improvement Pill here.

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How To Read A Book A Week - 3 PROVEN Tricks

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