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(upbeat music) Hey everyone, I'm Eva
and welcome to Roo High School.
We're gonna pop a bunch of relationship
related questions and you may even
get some cool ideas on how to ask someone out.
We have two special quests that will help us out.
Planned Parenthood educator Kwamane.
He's gonna help us out and he's cool AF.
- Yeah.
(bell dings)
- We're also gonna hit up my best friend Roo.
Roo is an anonymous sex ed chatbot
that's available on your phone
all the time to ask any questions
that you may not want to ask someone in person,
but go on ask your question.
Don't be afraid to make someone uncomfortable
because this is all normal stuff.
Anyway, what better people to answer questions
on relationships than two cute guys
that look exactly the same.
The Bell twins.
(upbeat music)
So now that I have ya here.
I wanna already start off by popping
my first relationship question
and because you guys are here,
I also brought you guys a snack.
- My man.
- I'm a woman.
- [Elijah] And there's a question in here.
- Aww.
- How do I let someone know I wanna piece of,
a piece.
- A pizza them.
- [Man] Pizza.
- I'm gonna take em on a first date
one time and let 'em know how I feel
and vibe it out.
- So you not just goin straight in and like--
- Naw, you gotta take time,
you gotta build it up.
- If I have a crush on them, I'm just
straight up with them and
if they don't like me then that's fine with me.
- I'm just going for it, I'm just letting them know
how I actually really feel about them.
How they make me feel as a person.
- True.
- True.
- True.
- True.
- K.
- I don't know about you
but I think we should ask Roo.
- How
do I
someone I
like them?
My spelling is really bad right now.
Roo, let us know your answer.
It can feel awkward or scary,
but the best thing to do is to be direct.
Just tell them and ask your crush how they feel.
You can't know how it will turn out.
Either way the most important thing is to be open,
honest and treat the person with respect.
- [Isaac] True.
- Alright, enjoy your pizza.
I'm gonna gonna go and get the next question.
- Oh. - Okay.
- Gimme this pizza.
(upbeat music)
- Hey guys I just thought I'd pop you a question.
- Hey.
- There's a question in here.
- Yeah, there is.
- Let's see what's going on.
- We're good. - What are you doing?
- It's all wrapped nice and what not.
- Like I'm an expert at this.
- I can tell. - I can tell.
- What does a healthy relationship look like?
- So what does a healthy relationship
look like for you guys?
- Commitment, loyalty, trust.
- If I can't trust you,
there's no relationship! - Relationship!
- Do you guys do that a lot?
- [Bell Twins] Yeah!
- Wow.
Definitely for me it's like communication.
So when people can't talk I'm just like.
(teeth sucking) (grunting)
It's just like, hmm.
Hmmm if only I could communicate.
- Oh, okay.
- Everyone.
(whistle blowing)
Into position.
- [People Holding Boards] What
(bell ringing)
- What is consent?
- I feel like consent is asking someone
for permission to do something
or make something happen.
- I have my own thoughts on consent
but I mean we should just ask Roo.
- Roo buddy-o you better give us this answer.
Consent means that whether you're kissing,
holding hands, or having sex
both people are really, truly into what's going on
and no one is being guilted or pressured into anything.
Talking about consent is important every time
no matter the person or situation.
Wow Roo.
- Hello
- [Bell Twins] Hey now, say now, baby!
- So, how do you ask someone for consent?
- That's a good question.
- I think we should just kick it to
our Planned Parenthood educator Kwamane.
- True. - Kwamane where you at buddy?
- Let's go.
- Oh wait, this is, this is me.
There's no right way to ask for consent.
It's about doing what's comfortable for you
and what's natural for you.
Also remember consent is an ongoing process.
So it's about frequently checking in with your partner
about what's happening and what's about to happen.
Can I eat this pizza now?
- Thanks Kwamane.
Okay now that we've wrapped up
our relationship questions.
I just wanna say thank you guys for being here.
You guys did such a great job.
- Aw thanks-- - A pleasure.
- A blessing to be here.
- And if you guys have any more
relationship related questions,
you can ask Roo, it's always in your back pocket.
- True. - True.
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Roo High School | Relationship Questions as Promposals

96 Folder Collection
Lian published on July 9, 2019
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