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  • Being in a relationship has rewarding experiences.

  • When you're with a healthy partner, you learn to grow with someone, step out of your comfort zone and your social life extends as you build connections with their family members and friends.

  • But being single has its benefits too; we're tired of social media mainly highlighting relationship goals.

  • Why not start a #singlegoal movement too?

  • Here are eight reasons to be single.

  • One; you can save money.

  • Who else here is a broke millennial?

  • Although there are ways to be creative and spending less on dates, a certain budget still has to be established when entering relationships.

  • Transportation and gift-giving for instance are harder aspects to avoid.

  • But when you're single, your bank account will thank you for it...

  • Unless you're an impulsive spender in general.

  • To gain insights on how to spend more wisely, check out The Financial Diet's channel.

  • They offer practical advice that's easy to use.

  • Anyone can use it; whether you're still a student figuring out finances or someone who wants to travel more.

  • Two; you can fortify your friendships and family relationships.

  • When people enter relationships, it's common for them to pull off the disappearing act.

  • They might not see their family and friends until they enter the comfortable stage of their relationship, which can take up to six months to a year for them to realize they actually miss having a social life outside of their partner.

  • When you're single, however, you can make plans with your close loved ones without having to consider your partner's schedule too...

  • Yay freedom!

  • Three; you can explore new hobbies.

  • This isn't to say you can't do the same when you enter a relationship with someone.

  • In fact, they might actually encourage you to try new things you never would have considered in the first place.

  • But, there's something special about embarking on this journey alone.

  • Whether that means taking up knitting, snowboarding or cooking classes.

  • You become one with your passion with less interruptions and distractions.

  • Four; you can go after your dream job more easily.

  • The thing about being in relationships is that they require compromise on both partners to grow on the same page in order to sustain.

  • But when you're single, you don't have to limit yourself to one location, which may affect your ideal job opportunities.

  • You can just pack up your bags and leave whenever you can.

  • If your heart is tugging you to move into the big city to become a fashion designer, no problem, or if you want solitude and quiet residing in the middle of nowhere is also an option without having to worry about neglecting your partner.

  • Five; you can be selfish without consequences.

  • My boyfriend and I take turns watching our shows on TV, and I'm not gonna lie, I often miss those days where I could just binge watch my drama series without having to worry about hogging the screen.

  • But when you're single, you can be selfish without hurting someone else.

  • If you want to go to that restaurant this weekend, you can.

  • The less people you have to run a decision by, the better.

  • Because when you experience these moments alone, the only person that affects is you.

  • Six; you deal with less drama.

  • Oh, let me tell you, fighting with your partner is not fun, but when you're with a person, the fights are well in which they strengthen your relationship instead of weakening it.

  • Single life however works in your favor, because the only drama you have to deal with is from family, friends and work.

  • You have one less life department to worry about, therefore you also have fewer emotions to sort through.

  • Seven; you master self-sufficiency.

  • If you're someone who needs validation frequently, being single can work to your advantage.

  • I know you might be itching for a fulfilling relationship, but establishing a strong healthy relationship with yourself is actually the most vital to your growth.

  • Once you've established a strong sense of self, you're more likely to avoid co-dependent relationships in the future.

  • How is that not fantastic?

  • And eight; you still experience the excitement of finding your soul mate.

  • The possibilities will seem endless.

  • You might meet "the one" on your summer trip or maybe it will happen as of next year in next semester's class.

  • Work on yourself, surround yourself with the things you love and the right person will come along.

  • You never know what's gonna happen, so be patient.

  • Enjoy the present and be thankful that you're alive in this very moment.

  • What are you grateful for towards single life?

  • Share your thoughts with us and leave a comment down below.

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Being in a relationship has rewarding experiences.

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8 Reasons to be Single

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