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  • It's AumSum Time

  • Do smartphones make our eyes worse?

  • No.

  • They make food ordering fast and easy.

  • Ohh AumSum.

  • Listen.

  • Among all light sources.

  • A smartphone is the only one at which we stare for prolonged periods and hold it too close to eyes.

  • Hence, it puts strain on our eyes.

  • Besides this, smartphone screens predominantly emit blue light.

  • Now, our eyes are built to absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from sun.

  • Thus protecting the inner sensitive membrane called retina.

  • But since they are not good at absorbing blue light emitted by smartphones.

  • It hits the retina and produces toxic substances which slowly begin to damage the retina.

  • Hence, long term exposure to blue light may affect our vision.

  • However, to resolve this issue many manufacturers have incorporated a new feature called 'Night light'.

  • Night light causes the screens to give off warmer colors.

  • Thus reducing the negative effects of blue light.

  • How are smartphones changing us?

  • Ha, no one can change the one and only AumSum.

  • Ya ya.

  • You show off.

  • Bending and staring down at our phones for several hours.

  • Increases the stress on our neck and spine, leading to neck and back pain.

  • Experts refer to this condition as text neck.

  • And it can eventually lead to serious consequences.

  • Also, at night, when we stare at our smartphones.

  • The light emitted from their screens makes our brain think that it is still daytime.

  • So, our brain does not produce the sleep hormone melatonin.

  • Causing us to stay awake for long hours.

  • And thus, disturbing our circadian rhythm which regulates our everyday bodily functions.

  • This can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.

  • An interesting fact is that smartphone addiction.

  • Has given rise to a new phobia called Nomophobia, short for no mobile phone phobia.

  • It is basically the fear or anxiety of being without our phone.

  • Red eye effect.

  • Why do my eyes glow red in photos?

  • Because there is a devil hidden in you.

  • Oh, stop bluffing.

  • Hahaha.

  • Alright.

  • I'll explain.

  • It happens because of blood vessels in our eyes and pupil.

  • Pupil is a small opening whose size is adjusted by the circular muscle called iris.

  • In bright light, the iris contracts making the pupil smaller.

  • Thus allowing less light to enter into our eyes.

  • In dark, the iris relaxes making the pupil larger.

  • Thus allowing more light to enter and also exposing the blood vessels in our eyes.

  • Hence, when we take a photo in such a dark environment.

  • The flash of light from the camera floods into our eyes at once.

  • Some of this light gets reflected from the blood vessels onto the camera.

  • Before our iris can contract, making our eyes glow red in photos.

  • Why do your eyes turn red in the pool?

  • Ha.

  • It is because of chlorine.

  • Chlorine is not the main reason for this.

  • Chlorine is added to water of swimming pools because it is a disinfectant.

  • It helps kill germs, thus keeping water germ-free.

  • In fact, the main reason for our eyes to turn red is the presence of our bodily fluids.

  • Like urine and sweat in the pool.

  • Eww.

  • Urine and sweat contain nitrogenous compounds like urea.

  • Urea reacts with chlorine present in water, forming chloramines.

  • Now, if we regularly clean the swimming pools.

  • Then we can prevent the production of chloramines.

  • But if the pools are not cleaned, then the chloramines formed can irritate our eyes.

  • Thus making them red.

  • In addition to this, chloramines can evaporate from water.

  • Inhaling these chloramines for a long period can result in coughing, asthma.

  • And other health problems.

It's AumSum Time

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Do Smartphones make our Eyes Worse? | #aumsum

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