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Aloha, and welcome to Hawaii.
And we are here, soaking up some rays on Oahu.
This island is known as the meeting place of all the Hawaiian Islands and has for a long time been the most popular.
Let's have some fun.
Let's do it.
One of the best ways to see Oahu is by helicopter.
Taking off in Honolulu was spectacular, seeing all those skyscrapers.
Honolulu is a big city, I had no idea.
USS Arizona Memorial is actually the most visited destination here in Hawaii.
We go on a little adventure to Hanauma Bay.
The water is so crystal blue, the sand is so white.
Here we go, I'm ready for my snorkeling adventure.
It's so much fun to swim with the fish and see all the different types of coral.
There's some beautiful reefs there.
Waikiki Beach is so beautiful.
And from there you can hop in a submarine.
Here we go.
My first time going in a submarine, seeing the fish swim and going by all the artificial reefs, so cool.
Whoa, it's an old plane, that is awesome.
I was really impressed by the Polynesian Cultural Center.
You can learn about Fiji, and New Zealand, and Tonga, and really get a sense for how different each of these cultures are.
I'm learning how to hula.
Another great way to explore Oahu is by boat.
Check out this view, this is Diamond Head.
As a big crater, this is an inactive volcano.
Wow, the views are so gorgeous but I've gotta get back to dinner.
Alright, it's time to chow down.
I love lobster.
Buffet time, let's see what's on the menu.
There's so much good food.
If you want energy and fun and to learn Hawaiian but also Polynesian culture, a luau will do it for you.
I love Hawaii.
I know, it looks like we had so much fun dancing up a storm at the luau.
Yeah, and you snorkeling surrounded by all the fish and the coral, that was awesome.
This is the ultimate place to hang loose.
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Oahu Hawaii Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide

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Taiki published on July 5, 2019
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