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Well, don't worry...
You know I've been single a long time and it's not as lonely as it looks.
You think it's really over this time?
I never liked him.
Well, you know he used to kind of flirt with me pretty hard.
Sounds like he might be a narcissist.
Have you read 'The Sociopath Next Door'?
It takes three months for every month you dated.
They say it takes two weeks for every one month of dating.
It takes four months to get over someone for every two weeks you dated.
- Oh my god! We should do a girls' night. - We need a spa day. - Have you seen 'Breaking Bad'?
You have missed out on so much!
Maybe you're just too picky.
- You just need to date older guys. - We just need to get hammered.
- My sponsor's single. - My landlord's single. - Ok, I was single for two months before I met Steve.
I've never been single so I can't really relate, but...
At least you didn't get married...
- Marriage isn't for everyone. - You know not everyone needs to have kids.
- Just freeze your eggs. -Well, you did kind of let yourself go, so...
Now you have time to work on yourself.
- You can do so much better. - You're a total catch.
There's always more fish in the sea.
- You know they say it's all about timing. - He'll be back.
You know someday we're all going to be laughing about this.
At least you HAD a boyfriend.
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Annoying Things Your Friends Say After A Break-Up

31192 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on November 2, 2013    shining translated
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