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Hi my name is Sarah and this is Halibut, and I am one of the exotic technicians here at
Extra Care Animal Hospital, and on behalf of Expert, I am going to provide
you with some helpful information on owning a rabbit. When you are considering getting
a rabbit, you want to make sure that you are getting it for the right reasons. You should
never ever purchase a rabbit for Easter, no matter how hard the kids are begging. You
can get them a stuffed rabbit, that is just fine. But you should never purchase a rabbit
for Easter, as thousands of rabbits are abandoned every year because they are purchased for
Easter, kept for a few months until the family gets tired of them, and they are abandoned.
They either are turned out in the wild or killed by other predators, or they are turned
into rabbit rescue humane societies and other rescue organizations throughout the country.
We do not recommend rabbits for households with small children. Small children generally
want to pick up any pets in the household, and rabbits are somewhat uncomfortable being
picked up and carried around. They are ground dwelling creatures, and any children or adults
in the household should understand that if you are going to be interacting with your
rabbit, it is most likely going to be on the floor where they are comfortable. If you would
like more information about our animal hospital, you can visit our website at
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Pet Rabbit Care : Why You Shouldn't Give Pet Rabbits as Easter Presents

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Moha Syu published on November 2, 2013
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