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- Hey everyone, I'm Blake Mitchell with Microsoft,
and today I get the joy of joining you
from Computex out here in Taipei,
where AMD just recently announced their second generation,
Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors,
and I also get to talk about Lenovo's new announcement
of the T495S, that actually has this latest silicon inside.
With the T495S, and that latest silicon from AMD,
you have the ability to have that raw computing power
wherever it is that your work day may bring you.
But in addition to that,
this device also has the Radeon Vega M graphics card inside,
meaning that you'll also have a discrete GPU available,
regardless of the work tax that may come your way.
And if you need to work from home, that's all right,
because with the dual array microphones built inside,
you won't have to be held in front of your PC
to take that meeting and be heard clearly.
But in addition, you'll get the benefits of Cortana,
your digital personal assistant,
meaning that she can still hear you,
even when you're ten meters away.
If work happens to take you, maybe into a coffee shop,
where you may need to work on more critical,
business sensitive data,
you don't have to worry
about anyone looking over your shoulder,
because the screen actually
has the ability to block out potential shoulder surfers,
and in addition to that, coming within a few months,
Lenovo will have the ability
to automatically detect whether or not
someone may be prying over your shoulder.
And it'll automatically trigger that capability.
But in addition to that digital security effect,
Lenovo's also layered in physical security aspects.
For example, up here on the top of the lid,
if you don't want to be seen on camera anymore,
they actually have a shutter that you can slide over
so that it blocks out that camera.
This device also supports mobile connectivity,
so you'll still be able to stay
connected to your content,
regardless of where you're working at,
even if your on a bus, driving in.
And all of this is capable, in this device,
at a starting price that's under $1,100.
And we can expect to see it hit the markets
here this June.
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Lenovo ThinkPad T495s with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO

472 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on July 3, 2019
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