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We're here at Air Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, and tonight we are gonna be doing the Pan Am Experience dinner.
Mo, are you ready?
We got a flight to catch.
Let's go.
The Pan Am Experience is actually a replication of what it used to be like to fly on a Pan Am 747 back in the 1970s.
Alright, guys, the first step was to check in at the Pan American desk.
They gave us our own boarding pass.
I mean, it even has our names on it.
Check that out.
Well, the Pan Am Experience actually is a cocreation of myself and Talaat Captan, the owner of the studio.
About five years ago, we conceived this idea to put on this program after he noticed this giant collection of aviation memorabilia that I had stored in a warehouse.
Basically, what we do is we bring you back in a time machine, and you're in, like, the good old days, where we have dinner in 1970.
Everything is retro.
Everything is fun.
I didn't realize that they were gonna set this up like an entire airport lobby, with the different competitor airlines, recreating, like, an entire experience from start to finish.
It's really nice.
A lot of the aircraft parts that you're gonna see on the airplane tonight actually came out of Mojave Desert.
It's the place where most airplanes go to retire.
And I painstakingly took an old 747 apart and put it in a trailer and brought all the parts to a big warehouse.
And, just like a puzzle, I started putting the 747 back together until it was completely restored back to Pan Am's vintage cabin decor.
Cheers, my dear.
Cigarettes, thank you.
Boy, I miss these.
This is so fun!
Quick puff before we eat.
It's not, it's not.
The food so far, on point.
This is really delicious and awesome.
It's coming out super fast, too.
So our meal this evening is actually a replication of a real Pan Am menu from back in the era, and we've recreated it tonight along with our caterer in order to provide our customers with the exact type of menu that would've been served on a Pan Am international flight.
We got a new one coming out!
I'm getting that new one!
Sauce it up.
The airline really invested heavily into the presentation of their airline when they travel.
So, basically, the flight stewardesses, they have to really look awesome.
They really spent a lot of time creating uniforms, and they have great designers that create these uniforms.
And every airline, it was competing for that.
Ooh, yeah. I've got to put some on.
Oh, s---.
I might've done a little too much.
Ooh, yeah.
The prices are really from $275 up to $425 per person.
That's including everything, including all the food.
No tipping allowed.
It's an open bar.
It's like you never have to put your hand in your pocket.
It's just a great experience.
I mean, the fashion show was incredible,right?
It was so cool.
It was fun, and the staff and everyone was, like, really into it and dancing and having a good time.
Yeah, I just had a blast.
I was very impressed with how cool this was and how much fun it was.
And, yeah, everything about it was really good.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it's something that everybody should experience once in their life.
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The Pan Am Experience Takes You On A Trip Back To The ’70s

294 Folder Collection
Sophie published on July 2, 2019
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