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  • Narrator: It's no secret that The College of Wooster Men's Basketball team is one of

  • the best Division III Programs in the country. What is a secret is what makes them so good.

  • For this year's group, the answer may be the Rubik's Cube. Although the 3D puzzle game's

  • popularity reached its peak in the 1980s, six Wooster student athletes have rediscovered

  • the Rubik's Cube, and are having a blast solving it.

  • Matt: I actually learned how to do the Rubik's Cube in high school, and my freshman year

  • I brought it to the team. I was doing it on a road trip. Some of the guys took an interest

  • to it, and now it's a good hobby for the team.

  • Narrator: With academics and athletics taking up the majority time, the Rubik's Cube has

  • become a way for the teammates to wind down and bond. But, just like they strive to win

  • on the court, that same competitive spirit often times spills over to the Rubik's cube,

  • where each player has his own trick to solving the puzzle.

  • Nathan: Trick? If you know your algorithms, then you should be okay.

  • Ian: There's a lot of different patterns, so it takes a while to learn. Basically, one

  • step at a time and just keep practicing that step over and over and until you can add them

  • all together.

  • Narrator: The Rubik's Cube is just one of the many things that make Wooster's Men's

  • Basketball Program a special one. Since 2000, the Fighting Scots have put together a remarkable

  • stretch that has made them the winningest basketball program in the country during that

  • span. The team also plays in front of one of the largest home crowds in Division III,

  • with some games reaching over 3,000 in attendance.

  • Nathan: There's a lot of big universities out there that, you just don't get that same

  • kind of atmosphere. And I really like the small community, and I like the winning tradition

  • that we had here. So I just wanted to be a part of something big like that.

  • Narrator: While their on the court talent is unquestioned, there is much more to these

  • Wooster Student Athletes. Beyond their interest in the Rubik's Cube, each of these six is

  • unique in his academic pursuits.

  • I'm a major in Math, and a minor in Education.

  • I'm majoring in Philosophy.

  • My major is History.

  • I'm majoring in Communication Studies.

  • I'm majoring in Business Economics.

  • I'm a History major, and an Education minor.

  • Narrator: It's a tall task to excel in both in the classroom and on the court, but Wooster's

  • Men's Basketball Program continues to solve that puzzle.

  • Ian: Oh, it's been awesome. I couldn't ask for a better situation both academically and

  • with athletics. I love it here.

Narrator: It's no secret that The College of Wooster Men's Basketball team is one of

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College of Wooster Men's Basketball: Rubik's Cube

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