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  • You know, my wife and I didn't always look this happy.

  • Thanks, honey, and it's true. We used to be so exhausted, seemed like no matter what we tried, life just kept demanding more and more.

  • Finally we asked our doctor what she would recommend, and that's when we first heard about sleep.

  • - She told us that "sleep" is a revolutionary new way to get energy.

  • Sleep happens when you stop moving and close your eyes, something I had no memory of doing ever in my entire life.

  • One sleep can provide up to 16 hours of energy.

  • That's like nine cups of coffee, or 10 pounds of chocolate.

  • Now that I sleep, I only eat chocolate when I want to, which is actually the same amount.

  • Our doctor explained that sleep requires about seven hours for full effect, and you have to do it daily.

  • I was like, Doc, I don't even have time to use the bathroom daily, let alone sleep.

  • And she said, just try it.

  • Also we need to talk about that bathroom thing.

  • The first night we decided to try sleep, we knew we had to make some time for it, so we kept the TV off.

  • Skipped dinner.

  • Skipped giving the kids a bath.

  • Skipped taking out the trash, the dog, paying our mortgage.

  • And skipped visiting my grandmother in the hospital, because that woman can talk.

  • And she's not the only one who is short on time.

  • The next morning when we woke up and my grandmother didn't, we knew we were hooked.

  • We've been sleeping for months now, and it's amazing how much more energy we have, and how we no longer wish to die.

  • Sleep may not be possible for new parents, old parents, parents in general, college students, high school students,

  • normal adults, people who worry a lot, people with social lives, people with jobs and or Netflix subscriptions, and anyone raised in American culture.

  • Side effects include proper brain function, longer life spans, and people bragging to you about how they don't sleep.

  • Sleep is highly addictive, and not FDA approved.

  • If your sleep lasts longer than eight hours, congratulations.

  • People who sleep on a Purple may rest more deeply than they're prepared for.

  • Ask your doctor if you're a good candidate for sleep.

  • I can't imagine living life any other way now.

  • Of course, to get eight hours of sleep at night, we've had to cut a lot of things out of our life.

  • Which is why we no longer exercise or have full-time jobs, we also pretend not to hear our children crying when they poop themselves at four a.m.

  • Every sacrifice has been worth it though, even moving into a home we can afford.

  • Not like this one. - Hey!

  • I told you to stop sitting on our lawn and stealing our lemonade!

  • You set up a bed on my lawn?

  • Get outta here!

  • Go, go! - It's a free country.

  • Don't touch our bed, Clark!

  • It's not funny!

  • They look so well-rested.

  • I'm so jealous.

  • - [Narrator] Sleep, natural, safe, you super need it.

  • You know, sleeping is great, but sleeping on a Purple, that's even greater.

  • We both sleep on Purples in real life and we love them.

  • They keep you cool all night long, unlike memory foam.

  • And the Purple grid cradles your pressure points, so you can literally sleep through an earthquake.

  • Which sounds dangerous, but it would be less stressful than being awake during one.

  • So click the link to check out Purple, and see how it can change your sleep life.

  • And don't forget to subscribe to JK Studios, that's who we are.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Bye, bye!

You know, my wife and I didn't always look this happy.

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