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  • - [Narrator] These are nachos.

  • Golden crispy chips, gooey melted cheese,

  • mounds of toppings galore.

  • They are delicious.

  • They're named after a man,

  • a man named Nacho.

  • This was Ignacio Anaya,

  • known to friends and foes alike as Nacho.

  • In 1943, Ignacio was a maître d' at this restaurant,

  • The Old Victory Club, in Piedras Negras, Mexico,

  • a border town a jalapeño's throw

  • from Eagle Pass, Texas, home of Fort Duncan,

  • an army base filled with military men and families.

  • One day, a group of army wives crossed the border,

  • they shopped, they got hungry,

  • they went to The Victory Club.

  • The chef wasn't there.

  • But Ignacio, maître d', didn't want to turn the women away,

  • so he sprang into action.

  • Grabbing tortillas, shredded cheddar cheese

  • and jalapeños, he put his creation into the oven.

  • Pensively, he served it to the army wives.

  • They loved it.

  • Returning to Texas, they spread the el evangelio del nacho,

  • the gospel of the nacho.

  • Nachos especialios became so adored and renowned

  • Ignacio opened up his own restaurant,

  • the creatively named Nacho's Restaurante.

- [Narrator] These are nachos.

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