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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 116. The verb phrase today is
to keep at something. All right. Let's take a look here. We actually have two
meanings. Here's the first one. If someone keeps at something, he or she continues
to do something, even though it is difficult or hard work. Or the second one
it's more like somebody else forcing you. Here if we say to keep somebody at it. So to
make or force someone to work hard and not allow them to stop. So you're looking
at it from two different perspectives. All right. Anyway, let's look at the first
example here. If you want to be fluent in that language,
you must keep at it. So you must continue to do it. You must continue to put in
this hard work and keep trying this continuous effort. It takes a lot of
continuous effort to improve that's what we mean. Or number two if you don't keep
at it you will never improve. That's just the way that we say it about if. This
could be about anything. Or number three how much longer will you keep at that
project ? Sometimes, yeah you could say it in this way just mean how much longer
you going to be doing it ? Or how much longer are you going to be continuing with this ?
Yes. I need you to start this new project as soon as you get the chance. Okay, good.
And the last one is probably more likely to make or force someone to do something. I
told her that she cannot quit. If she doesn't keep at her lessons. All right.
Now this may be school but this might be something else like piano lessons or
something the mother is paying for she wants maybe she already put a lot of
money into this she doesn't want it to just quit and give up. I will cut her
allowance. So you're trying to kind of push her or force her to stay with this.
So you're trying to make somebody keep at it. You know to continue with it. So
continue to put in a lot of effort for it.
Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it . I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time.
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English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (116) Keep At Something

57 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on June 29, 2019
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