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  • I am Peppa Pig.

  • This is my little brother George.

  • This is Mummy Pig.

  • And this is Daddy Pig.

  • It is a lovely sunny day.

  • Peppa and her family are driving to the playground.

  • Is everybody ready?

  • Yes, Daddy Pig.

  • Then let's go.

  • We are going to the playground, we're going to the playground.

  • Peppa and George love going to the playground.

  • Why have we stopped?

  • It's a traffic jam.

  • But we need to get to the playground.

  • Don't worry, George. The traffic is moving again.

  • Stop! Mr. Bull has stopped the traffic.

  • What's the problem, Mr. Bull?

  • Moo! We are digging up the road.

  • That's water coming out of the ground.

  • Yes, that's what we are here to fix.

  • Is it going to take long?

  • It will take as long as it takes.

  • Digger! Digger!

  • George likes diggers.

  • This way, Mr. Rhino.

  • Okey, boss.

  • Mr. Bull is the boss.

  • Mr. Bull, where is all that water coming from?

  • It's coming from a broken waterpipe underground.

  • How are you going to fix it?

  • We'll dig up the road!

  • We'll turn the water off.

  • George loves cranes. Crane! Crane!

  • We'll take the old pipe out.

  • And put the new one in.

  • Thank you for showing us your work, Mr. Bull.

  • Moo! No problem.

  • Good bye! See you later.

  • Or, dear! George doesn't want to leave Mr.Bull.

  • We are going to the playground, George.

  • You can play diggers and cranes in the sandpit.

  • And we will see Mr. Bull again on our way home.

  • Peppa and her family have arrived AT the playground.

  • Hello, everyone!

  • Hello, Peppa!

  • Edmant elephant and Richard rabbit are playing in the sandpit.

  • Let's play in the sandpit.

  • OK

  • Stop!

  • What's the problem?

  • We are digging up the road! And I am a boss.

  • Is it going to take long?

  • It will take as long as it will take!

  • We have to make a hole!

  • We'll fill it in.

  • And the road is mended.

  • Hurray!

  • Peppa, George, it's time to go home!

  • Or, dear! George doesn't want to go home yet.

  • On the way home, George, we can see Mr. Bull digging up the road.

  • Bye, everyone!

  • Bye, Peppa!

  • Peppa and George are looking forward to seeing Mr. Bull again.

  • Digger! Crane!

  • Here we are.

  • Mr. Bull is not here.

  • Mr Bull must have finished and gone home.

  • Digger! Crane!

  • Moo! Stop!

  • Is the waterpipe broken again?

  • No, Peppa. This time it's faulty electical cables.

  • How do you mend electical cables?

  • We'll dig up the road!

  • Hurray!

  • Peppa and George love it when Mr. Bull digs up the road.

  • Everyone loves it when Mr. Bull digs up the road.

I am Peppa Pig.

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Peppa Pig Digging Up The Road

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