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My name is Rebekah Aladdin, and I'm a professional
make-up artist.
Today, I'm here to show you an Aladdin-inspired,
everyday look.
For my first step, I'll be using Pro Longwear
Paint Pot in Layin Low.
For my base, I'll be starting with the Princess
Jasmine Eyeshadow Palette.
I will be taking a 242S brush and dampening
it with Fix Plus Goldlite.
So I'm just applying the shade Princess
Jasmine to the center of my lid, and I'm
going to blend out the edges.
I love this shade of Princess Jasmine,
because it brightens my eye.
It adds a very subtle, iridescent color.
It's perfect.
With a 253 brush and the shade Shadowy Lady,
I'm lining the outer corner of my eye.
This is going to create a little intensity
and definition to the look, without overdoing it.
Now, I'm moving to the lower eye.
By applying the same shade that I used as my base
to my lower lash line, I'm creating a cohesive look.
Once again, I'm going to spray my brush
with a little Fix Plus.
I'm going to apply the shade Princess
Jasmine to the center of my lower lash line,
just as I did on the top.
This is going to create kind of like a halo
effect that adds light right into the center of the eye.
Next, I'm applying the Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash mascara.
Adding mascara is a must.
It helps to really define your eyes, to open the eye.
The cool thing about everyday makeup
is that it's just an expression of who you are.
It's about what face do you want to show the world, today.
Next, I'm going to apply a pair of MAC strip lashes
in the style 43.
Princess Jasmine is bold and daring,
and adding a strip lash really brings that out in me.
Now, I'm lining my lids with MAC Lip Pencil in the shade Hover.
Now, I'm applying lip gloss in Diamond In The Rough.
Lip gloss always make me feel extra bold and extra confident.
Go ahead and add as much as you want,
because there's no such thing as too much.
With a light hand, I'm applying a little bit of Chestnut,
just to the outer edges of my lips,
so that I can kind of cool down the tone of the lip color.
My eye shadow has a very, like, cool undertone.
And so I just want to match those tones
and really marry the look.
So I'm applying powder blush in Your Wish
Is My Command to the hollows of my cheekbones,
my forehead, and a little bit down the bridge of my nose.
I'm going to pinch my powder brush
and go down each side of my nose just to add a subtle contour.
Now, I'm using the lighter shade Always One
Jump Ahead for my highlight.
So I like to also apply my highlight to my brow bone,
just above the eyebrow, and down the bridge of the nose.
So to finish off the look, I'm going
to mist Fix Plus Goldlite.
What I like most about Princess Jasmine
is that she's stepping outside of the box
and the confines of her environment
to redefine herself.
She embraces her individuality, and that is what
I like to do to with makeup.
My name is Rebekah Aladdin, and this
is the Jasmine-inspired everyday look, using Disney's
Aladdin collection by MAC.
I'm Amber Ardin, and I'll be doing a formal,
Aladdin-inspired look.
Up first, I'm going to apply the Prep and Prime
24-Hour Extend Eye Base.
(BRITISH ACCENT) Prep and Prime. Prep and Prime.
So now, I'm going to apply the Rags To Riches eyeshadow
with the 242S MAC brush.
Go all over the eyelids.
Now, I'm going to apply the Live The Genie Life
in the inner corners of my eye.
Then I'm going to take the MAC 219S brush
and apply Princess Jasmine in the outer corners of my eye.
Then I'm going to take Agrabah and blend it.
And just a little bit of Shadowy Lady, right here.
Then I'm going to go in with a 217S MAC brush
and blend it all.
I want to match my eye shadows and blend them.
Now, I'm going to be blending a Rose Pigment just to give
an iridescent, rouge-y look.
I feel like a princess, already.
I'm going to take my MAC 209 brush
and apply gel eyeliner to my eyes,
and then I'm going to be winging it out like a cat eye.
Go very skinny and then a nice flick at the end.
Jasmine's all about making a bold statement,
so I'm adding a pop of gold, using 24-Hour Waterproof
Liquid Last eyeliner.
Just adding a little curly Q, like
the handle of Genie's lamp.
I'm going to be adding the Extended
Play Perm Me Up mascara.
Now, I'm going to be applying lashes.
These are number 75 MAC lashes.
And these lashes are actually cut to the shape of my eye.
Now, I'm going to be applying Your Wish Is My Command bronzer
blush under my cheekbones.
Now, I'm going to add some shine with powder blush,
Always One Jump Ahead, on top of my cheeks
and a little on my nose.
I'm going to add the lip conditioner.
Now, I'm going to add some MAC lip liner in Hover.
Do a little bit of a cupid's bow right at the top.
Now, I'm going in with some lipstick using the shade Rajah.
And last but not least, I'm going to be adding
Jewels On Jewels lip gloss.
I'm going to finish off my look by setting
my makeup with some Fix Plus Matte Setting Spray.
My favorite part of this look has to be the gold eyeliner.
It gives a nice nod to Genie's lamp.
I had so much fun doing this look,
because Jasmine is bold and daring.
And I find her character empowering.
I'm Amber Ardin, and this is my formal, Aladdin-inspired look
using Disney's Aladdin collection by MAC.
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Aladdin-Inspired Makeup Tutorials | Beauty by Disney Style

266 Folder Collection
siufungchi published on June 29, 2019
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