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Hi, guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here.
Today, we're going to talk about the verbs 'wish' and 'hope'.
Now, the verb 'wish' can be used in many ways.
And you can get much more detailed information on our website.
However, we generally use 'wish' to talk about a present or past situation that we want to change, but understand that it can't.
Present wishes are 'wish' + a past simple verb.
For example: I wish I were taller.
Past wishes are 'wish' + past perfect.
I wish I had grown taller.
'Hope' can also be used in different ways.
But generally, when we hope, we talk about something that we want or expect for the future.
'Hope' can be followed by a full infinitive.
For example: I hope to see you soon.
But more commonly, we follow it with a present tense that has a future meaning, or with 'will'.
I hope you pass your driving test.
I hope you'll have a good time.
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Wish vs Hope - English In A Minute

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Yukiko published on June 27, 2019
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