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Everything you see exists together in a
delicate balance. Since the release of
the original Lion King film 25 years ago
The number of lions in the world has
declined by half. 100 years ago there
were more than 200 thousand African
lions. Today there are only about 20,000
left and unfortunately their numbers are
still declining. But we have the
opportunity to bring them back. And
Disney is taking action.
Through the protect the pride Global Initiative
Disney is partnering with the world's
leading lion experts to help defend
African wildlife. The lion recovery fund
aims to double the number of lions in
the wild by 2015. When we protect lions
we help to protect important habitats
for all kinds of Wildlife across Africa.
From meerkats and warthogs to hornbills
and hyenas.
When we protect lines we help protect
the entire circle of life.
A true king searches for what he could
give. To learn how you can help protect
the pride, visit disney.com slash lion king
protect the pride
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The Lion King | Protect The Pride

351 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on June 27, 2019    bamboowater translated    Evangeline reviewed
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