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Mmm it's an orange juice. So we've got touchdown going on, but we have a lot of chests to open up
We've got all of these token offers do I really need them though? You get so many legendary tokens from war
I mean, it's one of the first offers to have gems, so three legendary tokens, 1200 gems
20,000 gold and a legendary King chest. I don't need any of those cards. We're gonna skip through that
I do need a little bit of snowball. Some rascals to give away always. Could get some tombstones
Hunter. Hunter tech. Confirmed! Barbarian barrel you need that and then I need ghost. I need royal
Giant. No not royal giant. I need magic Archer. That's what I need. Yes. Magic Archer level 11, 3 legendary tokens.
Did I need it? Not really the gems were worth it. Epic tokens!
I feel like tokens aren't really valuable because you're not actually gaining anything. You're just trading stuff that you already had
So it's not progressing you further, but you know, if the next card that comes out is an epic
This is so gonna be worth it, but maybe not for the cards that I'm getting right now
I don't need any of these rares
But all of my rares are finally max at the first time in frickin 3 years. Hunter. There we go!
Confirmed hunter tech again! Ghost! Yes.
That's what I needed. Alright, so a lightning chest has two epics and I have max Commons
I have max rares, but we're gonna get it. The thing is that I need
common tokens. Those are like the hardest again. I think that the rarest to get too just because no one actually needs them.
But what if like the next card that comes out is a common card and I need to get more of those really quick
so that's the only reason why I'm getting this one.
I don't really need P.E.K.K.A. right now. I don't need tornado either. I don't need cannon;
well, I guess I do kind of need cannon cart. Definitely not a prince though. I
didn't need any of those. There's my last strike. It only gave me max epics. I just needed a hunter.
Ok, let's try this again. Barbarian barrel, okay, at least I need a barbarian barrel. Yes. I'll take it
I'll take it. I'll run away while it's still hot.
So I do have three rare tokens and I feel like it would be kind of a waste if I bought it because I can only
carry two of them. So I'm gonna leave it at that and I don't think this value is worth it at all for me
just because I don't need the tokens at all, but enough of that; let's get into touchdown.
I'm gonna be playing touchdown with two devices right now. So
I'm gonna put on my chest real quick. Let's see we can even hit nine wins with this. I'm gonna hit share with the clan,
alright, let's do this.
I love touchdown.
Let's go with mortar because I don't want X-bow and then Dart Goblin
Poison might be a bit of a better choice in there
And then the prince is low key really good, but I'm gonna pick Zap, Witch, Skelly Barrel, Barbarians or Cannon Cart?
Let's do the barbarians and I am going to take prince and dark prince are so good. You need that splash though.
So let's get, let's get some wizards going on. Let's uh send in the double emotes
Instead of uh, planting anything down.
Oh my goodness what is wrong with people?
How do they have so much?
Oh no!
Send everything down, those pups, that Balloon!
Yeah, that's not that bad, it's not that bad, we're good we survived it, we survived
I just need to put a Mega Minion on there
I feel like I need to protect that uh
that side, so we'll go Flying Machine
in the back with a Giant.
Maybe we'll do the Flying Machine first, take it a little easy there.
And then put down the Giant. Badabing, badaboom.
Put down archers there. Maybe Skeleton Barrel there and maybe I'll spread out the Dart Goblin on the left side.
Touchdown's actually a little bit easier if you play it by yourself.
Cause you're not, you don't have to coordinate with everyone. You're coordinating
yourself. That's a little bit a little zappy zap, z's there and then we're building up;
we're pressuring them you go all-in now. Let me go on the Flying Machine in the very very back.
It doesn't matter what kind of Arrows you got, cause I'm just throwing down everything!
Score one for the team! Never make the first move, you never make the first move.
Put that down there, put a little bit of Witchy Witchy Witch down there and then this is gonna absorb the Cannon Cart and
Executioner on the Giant part and with that being distracted,
we're gonna go in with um.
Yeah, we gotta. You got to pull that.
Put down the Spear Goblins on one side and there's so much going on right now,
but that Cannon Cart, that Cannon Cart is trouble right now. There we go.
Executioner is tanked by the Mega Minion. There's
so value. You know what? I'm just gonna poison those bad boys over there.
Maybe push some Skelly Barrel pressure on that side. He just used Arrows.
He doesn't, he can't just get rid of my Spear Gobby's like, so freely like that anymore.
So I'm gonna support the Skeletons with Archers and we're gonna
Zap nothing. All right.
Skelly Barrel touchdown, with a Skelly Barrel. Okay. There's no way they could score twice in a row here, so
we're gonna take it easy. There's nothing that we need to do.
Yeah, we'll take out the witch. I mean the Princess with the Poison. Why, why not oh
he used fireball.
We're still good. I
could let one through but it's the principle. It's the principle of this.
We're just gonna sit on a little bit of elixir and that was an easy eight two win. And if you're having trouble touchdown,
play on two devices at the same time. Okay, we're eight two. I'm gonna collect my three barbarian barrels.
Okay, we gotta get this for twenty five thousand gold. This is pretty good. Okay.
Okay night witch, cause those bats are obnoxious, uh
Ice Wizard can stop a lot more things than the Spear Goblins can. And then Fireball or Rocket? Rocket.
Maybe I need to get rid of a building. Maybe I don't. Okay on the second account its Baby Dragon or Valkyrie,
I'm gonna go with Baby Dragon. Air is just harder to stop. And then Princess or Executioner; I'm gonna go with Executioner and um,
Lightning might prove useful because they've got Inferno Dragon. Skarmy, gotta love Skarmy.
Wait for the first move.
Now it's on. Okay
He's got Dark Prince on there.
I'm gonna protect that Bowler right now. Let's, um, Lightning both of those things. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah Executioner, oh,
Night Witch and the Bat. Yeah, they're so concerned about that Bowler coming with Inferno Tower. Oh my goodness.
This is how you win. Should I mirror the Ice Wizard?
Or should I play the Giant? No, we're gonna wait we're gonna, oh, oh, oh
If I had air this would be nice;
but I don't so I'm gonna play Tesla on that side, and uh,
You know, I could even double up on the bomb tower with mirror. Why not? Oh
dear, Night Witch is locked on. She's, she's on a mission right now.
This is how we lose with that Golem.
That was a poorly played Golem because I used Bomb Tower,
mirrored Bomb Tower and the Tesla. We're gonna do it right this time. We're almost at nine wins. We've won one.
This is the final game. I'm eight two. If I lose this it's over.
I'm gonna do the Skeleton Barrel to tank that and Archers right behind the Skeleton Barrel and then let's see how that goes.
Maybe a little Ice Wizard back there. I
wanted to Lightning so bad, but they're spread out this time. They caught on to our shenanigans.
Okay, here's what I need to do though, that Cannon Cart is gonna deal a lot of damage to that Giant.
So I gotta put something down behind that Baby Dragon like, uh, Dart Goblin.
Dark Prince,
Dark Prince, I don't like that. At least they don't have a Prince with the Dark Prince
That would be very trouble. That would be so much trouble.
Seems like we're a bit in the lead right now. I'm gonna go with in the Night Witch, there. Lumberjack to support all that. Oh.
Dart Goblin was still alive, I love it! And the
Lumberjack, Lumberjack! There we go two one.
51 seconds don't goof this around. They have Golem,
don't panic. Let's get really defendy.
Oh yeah.
There we go.
I'm gonna put an Ice Wizard around there.
Uh, let's lightning that.
Cannon Cart, what a cute Cannon Cart.
Oh my goodness, those Skeletons, playing on two devices, that's the downfall.
What is going on?
What is going on?
Okay, he used that Fireball. He needed that Fireball for my Bomb Tower. My non-existent Bomb Tower that didn't come out yet.
We gotta get rid of that Inferno Dragon; survive for 10 seconds. We're good.
We almost lost, because of those three Skeletons that came out of nowhere.
But it's so hard to concentrate when you've got two devices, but at the same time,
it's kind of easier. At least this way, you know that your partner is good. Or as good as you are.
Because you are your partner. All right, look at that.
25,000 gold. Let's open up the chest. I need a lot of epics. I need epics. No epics in there.
I'll survive. But I got a lot of gold because I have all of my cards that are maxed.
Might as well open the chest for the second account. So the accounts weren't synced completely,
So this one has one less loss, but we'll take it, because we're gonna get another chest.
Is it going to be anything in there? I
guess that was all worth it; for the
the first entry is free. So
yeah, it was good. The secret to touchdown is have really good partners,
and if you don't know anyone that's good, then use two devices to use two of your own accounts,
and that's how you win touchdown.
That's the secret; just bring two devices and play them both, if you don't trust anyone, that's how you win touchdown.
Alright, thanks watching.
I hope you guys found this really useful because the biggest thing you need to do is not make the first move until you get
the really big elixir pushes to get to the nine wins, so for that juicy
25,000 gold.
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151 Folder Collection
阿徐 published on June 25, 2019
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