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- Oh yeah.
I've been making this drink sound so attractive
and desirable for all these years.
Do you recognize me?
I'm the Kool-Aid man, oh yeah.
So I've had several people say,
"It's hard to picture that that voice
is actually coming from you the human being."
Oh yeah.
They like the voice because they don't know who I am.
(upbeat music)
When I first auditioned, I think they wanted to get
the flavor of the Kool-Aid man that was already on the air.
Oh yeah.
When I came in, instead of making it oh, oh,
I wanted to go down, oh, oh, oh.
So he's gotta have a big deep voice.
So I just thought start, like, this guy wants to be an
oh yeah, cool, and I tried to make that voice
you know, just kind of roll around gutturally in my throat.
Oh yeah.
I can remember those sessions.
After three hours of them just saying,
"Okay, do it again, do it again, do it again.
"Try it again, how about lower?
"More energy, more this, more Barry White.
"Bigger, bigger, bigger, louder, louder."
I'd be saying like, "What am I not doing,
that you're not getting?"
But you're telling me to use a lot
of high energy like David Lee Roth.
I said, "The two don't mix."
David Lee Roth's going, "Oh yeah,"
doesn't mix with Barry White going, "Oh yeah."
So you have to find a happy balance.
Oh yeah.
Bottom's up.
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The Untold Story of the Kool-Aid Man

110 Folder Collection
許大善 published on June 24, 2019
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