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-Hey, everybody.
It's time once again for "Day Drinking."
And we're really excited about this one,
because I'm here with Rihanna.
-[ Laughs ] Hi. -Yeah.
Here we go. Cheers.
-Wait, wait.
You have to look at me, in the eyes.
This is what I call a prom date. Are we going the whole...
Okay. Okay. All right.
-It's time for "Day Drinking With Seth and Rihanna."
-♪ Hey! ♪
-You don't have to.
-Okay. -That's more than enough.
All right, join me at the bar. Such a huge fan of yours.
I am now going to make a series of drinks
based on some of my favorite of your songs.
-Because that's the level of service we provide here.
-[ Laughs ]
-This is a drink called "Under My Rum-brella."
-What's in it? -All right, so it's rum, okay?
That's how we start it.
And then we're going to put in some chocolate rum balls.
-What's a rum ball?
-It's not important.
And a scoop of rum-raisin ice cream.
-I'm nervous. -Okay.
And then, of course, a bunch of umbrellas.
And then... -[ Laughs ]
Okay. Based on your face, I'm going to say
that's an 8 out of 10?
All right, this next one is "Diamonds in the Rye."
It's going to have some rye whiskey, okay?
'Cause our diamonds is Blue Diamond almond milk.
-[ Laughs ] -Cheers.
-That's it? -That's it.
-I don't even like milk, so this is scary.
-Well, it's a milk alternative. It's a nut milk.
What? -Don't even say that ever again.
-Rihanna, you found love in a hopeless place,
which is going to inspire this next drink.
I'll be right back. -Now I'm scared for real.
-This is "We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place."
-Wait. We found what? -Veuve. Veuve Clicquot.
"In a Hostess Place."
Do you know how to open champagne?
-Why are you doing that? -Because.
-I feel like you have no confidence in me.
-Just point it that way. -I am going to.
This -- Oh. Okay. That was so anti-climatic.
All right, so, here is the Veuve,
and here is the Hostess.
-You've got to be freaking kidding me, right?
-Come on. Just enjoy yourself.
-You really want me to drink this?
-Just have a sip of it and tell me what you think.
-I'm trying to stall so that this could, like, suck up
the entire drink, and I don't have to do it.
Oh, my -- Aah! What is wrong with you?
-It's not that bad. -Mm!
-Now have a bite. Oop. Oh, my Twinkie fell apart.
-Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Can I just...
-This is a drink I created in your honor called
"Bitch Better Have My Bunny."
-[ Laughs ]
-Wait. What? -And here's how it works.
-So, now here it is. -Wait. Hold on.
That poor thing. [ Laughs ]
-There we go.
And we just pour a little tequila in there.
-Wait. A little? -All right, here we go.
-Yeah. Just drink. Shut up.
-Now, see? That's a good drink.
Okay, it's time for our first drinking game.
Are you ready? -Our first drinking game?
-Well, yeah, I feel like we've just been drinking.
This is a game. -Oh. Oh, okay.
-There's right or wrong answers. -You're right. You're right.
-Okay. So, I, as a fashion icon --
I am curious if you remember where you wore certain outfits.
So, here's the thing.
If you can tell me where you wore it, I will drink,
and if you can't remember where you wore it, you will drink.
All right. First one up. Where did you wear that?
-Are you serious? If I get it right...
-I drink. -Okay, the Met ball.
-Wow! I'm going to do two. -[ Laughs ]
-Two?! Oh, my God! Seth! I knew you were crazy.
-Okay, ready? They're getting harder now.
-Are you ready? Okay, let's go.
I wore that in New York City.
-You did wear it in New York City.
Do you know where you were going?
-I was walking down the street. -Yeah, okay.
We can tell from the photo it was down the street.
-Oh, my God. It's okay.
-All right, I feel like you got New York.
-I'll take the shot. [Bleep] it.
-Oh, my goodness. -Yeah.
-You just did salt cooler than I'll ever
do salt in my...
All right. Ready?
This one -- I'll be very impressed
if you can get this one right.
Ready? -I'm nervous now.
Dentist. -[Bleep] kidding me?
-Dentist in New York City. [ Laughs ]
-How do you remember what you wear to the dentist?
The dentist? -Yeah.
-How do you remember what you wore to the dentist?
-The street.
-Oh [bleep] You ass [bleep]
You told me she wouldn't get it, and you forgot --
you put it on her [bleep] dentist's street.
You dummies. Now I got to take another shot.
You -- -Drink up.
-I'm going to drink it.
[Bleep] -You are drunk.
We have -- Wow. -We're just getting started.
-We're in for a wild day.
-Oh, this is going to hurt my face.
All right, so, I think we all know bartenders
are really good at giving advice.
I'm going to get you a drink, and I want to give you
the opportunity to ask me anything
that you want to ask me, and I will give you advice on it.
-Oh, nice. -Yeah.
-Like, anything? -Yeah.
-Okay, if I quit music, then what should I do?
-Oh, well, I feel like you have a lot of
lines of business right now, right?
-Yeah, but I mean other than that.
-Okay. You should be a pilot.
-I actually wanted to be a pilot.
-You did want to be a pilot? -Mm-hmm.
-At what age?
-When I realized my grades sucked.
-I don't want a pilot whose grades sucked.
I want my pilot to -- -I do.
-You do? -Yeah.
-You want your pilot to be like, "Hey, we're about to take off.
I got a 'D' in science."
-As long as he got "A" in his pilot degree, I'm fine.
-Wait. Can we switch places?
I want to ask you for some advice.
-Actually, I'm better at giving advice than asking it,
so let's do it.
-Okay, good.
I want to, like, blow my wife away
with, like, a romantic night out.
What do I do? -You said it.
-What? -Blow your wife.
-[ Laughs ]
Rihanna, this is a network television show.
-Is it?
-Okay, I have a genuine advice question.
Your nickname is Ri-Ri.
What would be a good nickname for me?
-Damn! I don't even know you like that.
Like, I have to have a good knowledge of you, so...
-We've spent -- We've drank tequila
out of chocolate bunnies together.
-You know what? You're right.
-Okay, so, I'm going to count to three,
and just say the first thing that comes to your head.
1, 2, 3!
-You can't tell me my Nickname is Seth.
-Whoo! -Cheers!
-Cheers, everybody.
My wife often says to me I'm so lucky I married her,
because I have no game, but I would like to prove
right now how good my game is.
Rihanna, feel free to ring this bell
as soon as my pickup line is bad.
This is me showing off how good my game is.
Hey, you look like a lady who was also underwhelmed
by the "Game of Thrones" finale.
-I don't watch "Game of Thrones."
[ Ding ]
-What's a nice boy like me doing
in the big city without his parents?
[ Ding ] -Wait. Are you serious?
I don't even have the energy to lift my arm to that bell.
Hey, you looking to answer... Are you...
[ Both laugh ]
Wait. Shh.
Excuse me.
Are you the girl from "Battleship?"
-Jesus. All right, are you desperate?
I leave. I'm out. I'm done.
-All right, so, we're out of the bar.
And for those of you who don't know,
Rihanna is not just a musician and actress.
She's also a businesswoman, a philanthropist,
and she has her own line, "Fenty Beauty."
And I would love if, right now, you could give me a summer eye.
All right, here we go.
How's it going so far? -[ Laughs ]
Whoa! Seth... -Is it coming alive?
-You have wrinkles. -What do you mean "wrinkles"?
-Don't do that. -Cut that out.
-You're [bleep] it up.
-Make this eye 10 years younger, Rihanna.
-Mm! When you talk, it doesn't help, by the way.
-Oh, my God. Do you know what you're doing?
-No. [ Laughs ]
-Oh, my God. -Stop.
-I mean, my eye is burning, but this is amazing.
All right, I'm going to do my... All right. Ready?
-No, don't, like, mess it up! -No, I'm doing my eye now.
I'm gonna do a little more blue. -I know.
-I need a little glue out here. -You're giving me --
-That's really good.
That's really good.
-I meant to say "Unicorn," but what's that movie?
-What movie? -With the blue people.
-"Avatar"? -Yeah, that one.
-Wait. Your best guess on what
the title of "Avatar" was was "Unicorn"?
And I would like to close tonight
by giving the gift of music.
And, obviously, I'm a great fan of yours.
So, I'm going to put on these noise-canceling headphones.
And I'm going to sing some of your songs to you.
-Okay, be passionate about this.
-What? -Be passionate!
-I'm passionate about this! -Be passionate about this!
♪ Wa-wa-wa-wa-work ♪
♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪
♪ Doobie-da-ba, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt ♪
♪ Somethin' about work, work, work, work, work ♪
♪ Nobody text me in a crisis ♪
[ Mumbling ]
-[ Laughs ]
-Don't! Don't!
-♪ Something that you never seen ♪
-I think we're good.
I think we're good. I think we're good.
[ Both singing indistinctly ]
-♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪
♪ Baby, work, work, work, work, work ♪
-♪ Let me have it, la-la-la-la-la ♪
Can we have another shot? -[ Laughs ]
-Shot for the run!
Shot for the run!
-♪ Nobody text me in a crisis ♪
[ Singing indistinctly ]
-♪ Love I brought for you for my foundation ♪
-♪ All that I wanted...♪ -[ Singing indistinctly ]
-♪ Somethin' that I never had ♪
♪ Somethin' that you've never seen ♪
♪ Somethin' that you've never been ♪
-♪ Whoa, be ♪
♪ And I wake up...♪ -Hey!
♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪
-♪ All I do is...♪
This has been "Day Drinking With Seth and Rihanna"!
-Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ]
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Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking

150 Folder Collection
Eric Shiau published on June 24, 2019
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